'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Spoilers Suggest Hanna Will Meet A "Dark Fate," But What Could That Mean?

For the first time in Pretty Little Liars history, we have real reason to worry that one of the Liars won't make it to the season finale — and it's all thanks to an unfortunate choice of plan. The Season 6 finale, titled "Hush, Hush Sweet Liars," has officially put Hanna in a whole lot of danger. Hanna used herself as bait to lure Uber A out of hiding, and ended up being snatched by the elusive villain and taken to the bell tower. Now the other Liars have no idea where Hanna could be, or what her fate is — but a new synopsis for Season 7, Episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars suggests that it's not a good one. According to the synopsis for "The Talented Mr. Rollins," Hanna has met a "dark fate," and though we don't know what that fate is, it's enough reason to worry about Hanna's safety going into Season 7.

Here is Freeform's full synopsis for the upcoming episode, which will air on July 5:

This is quite possibly the worst news that we've heard about Hanna so far. Though the cast and crew have stayed quiet about where Hanna is or what could have happened to her, the term "dark fate" certainly doesn't suggest that she's relaxing at the spa. Something bad happened to Hanna, but what exactly went down is anyone's guess. Here are a few options for what her "dark fate" could mean... and none of them are good:

1. Hanna Was Put In The Dollhouse 2.0.


We know that Uber A has taken Hanna to the bell tower, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he (or she) will kill Hanna. Instead, maybe the real torture comes from locking Hanna up in the same place that Charlotte tortured the Liars in for weeks. Uber A might not be using the exact same dollhouse (I seriously hope that the Rosewood police had that torture chamber destroyed as soon as they possibly could) but much like Charlotte replicated the Liars rooms, so could Uber A replicate her dollhouse.

2. Hanna Is In Prison For Murder


The Season 7 promo shows Spencer, Aria, and Emily burying something in the woods, and Spencer screaming about how their "well-thought out plan" turned into "murder." Though it's perfectly logical for fans to assume that the three girls accidentally hurt someone, what if the Liars are really covering for Hanna, who inadvertently caused someone's death? If that is the case, perhaps Hanna gets arrested for the murder sometime between the Season 7 premiere and the third episode, where she meets her "dark fate."

3. Hanna Is On The Run


Maybe Hanna really is guilty of killing someone: she might not get caught by the (pretty incompetent) Rosewood P.D., but she also might not be able to return home. If that's the case, she might have to pull an Ali and head off into the world alone until the dust settles.

4. Someone Has Faked Hanna's Death


Maybe the Liars really do think Hanna is dead, but instead, it's just another trick pulled by Uber A — or Hanna herself in order to avoid falling back into the villain's trap. Ali was able to evade A by going on the run and allowing the world to think she's dead, and that might be what Hanna has to do in order to survive. Or, if Uber A really does have Hanna, he or she may find a way to make Hanna look dead to devastate the Liars.

5. Hanna Really Was Killed By Uber A


Say it ain't so! As much as I hate to entertain the notion that Hanna really is dead, it wouldn't be right not to put this theory out there. If Uber A really did kill Hanna to torment the Liars — or because he or she really believed that she was Charlotte's killer — then it would give the Liars even more motivation to unmask this villain and put an end to the A game once and for all.

Here's hoping that Hanna's "dark fate" is one she can come back from — Pretty Little Liars just wouldn't be the same without her.

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