LGBTQ Humble Book Bundle Celebrates Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and now you can celebrate with an LGBTQ Humble Book Bundle. This new collection of e-books, e-audiobooks, and digital comics is valued at $342, but you can pay whatever you want — even $1. Stay tuned for more information on what's included and how you can decide which causes your money will support.

Humble Bundle deals in curated groups of e-books, e-audiobooks, digital comics, and PC games, which are sold at heavy discounts, via the site's name-your-price business model. A typical Humble Bundle has three tiers. Pay as little as $1 to unlock the first tier, more than the average purchase price for the second, and more than a set price — usually $15 — for the third.

Each Humble Bundle supports a specific charity, and buyers may add a second charity of their choice at checkout, with thousands to choose from. The LGBTQ Humble Book Bundle supports the It Gets Better Project, which receives 15 percent of your purchase price by default. Each purchase is divided between publishers, charities, and Humble Bundle itself.

Want to give more to charity? Click "Choose where your money goes" at checkout, and move the Charity slider to the right to increase your donation to the It Gets Better Project and/or the charity of your choice. There are no minimum or maximum limits, so you can give all or nothing to whichever recipient you choose.

Tier 1 of the LGBTQ Humble Book Bundle includes Falling in Love with Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson, Lonely Planet's Guide to Pride, and the StoryCorps: OutLoud e-audiobook. You only have to pay $1 to unlock these titles, plus four more.

Pay more than the average purchase price — $14.28, at the time of this writing — to unlock seven additional titles. These include the Eisner Award nominee, Wandering Son vol. 1, and two Lambda Award winners: Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters and If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan.

For $15 or more, you'll receive six more volumes of queer comics. They are:

  • Wet Moon vol. 1 by Sophie Campbell
  • Smut Peddler: A Superior Pornucopia For Classy Dames (And the Forward-Thinking Gentleman), edited by C. Spike Trotman
  • Heart of Thomas by Moto Hagio
  • Julio's Day by Gilbert Hernandez
  • No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, edited by Justin Hall
  • Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It, edited by Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins, and Chip Kidd

The LGBTQ Humble Book Bundle is available until June 22.