The Internet Has A Lot Of Hiddleston & Swift Feels

The pop culture world is losing its mind for the best possible reason: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were spotted kissing in Rhode Island. Kissing! In other words, if the recently surfaced pictures of Hiddleston and Swift are to be believed, the Internet's sweethearts could now be the greatest supercouple in all the land. (In response to the photos, Bustle reached out to both Swift and Hiddleston's reps — Swift's rep has yet to respond, while Hiddleston's rep had no comment.) Either that or Hiddleston is in Swift's next music video, or some other work-related collaboration involving cuddling on rocks is happening between the two. Either way, Twitter is shipping Hiddleston and Swift hard.

Fans have taken to Twitter to react to the potential relationship status update of Hiddleston and Swift in droves. This is not the least bit surprising since Swift and Hiddleston are two of the most famous people on the planet. Each one has a devoted following of fans who want the stars to be happy, and hey, if they can be happy together all the better. Think of all the potential Instagram photos Swift could post! Be still, my celebrity-loving heart.

Whether or not the photos of Hiddleston and Swift are evidence of a budding romance or just evidence of a new project, this is a moment of happiness that should be cherished. Here are the photos of Hiddleston and Swift along with the best tweets about this momentous occasion.

This Person Who Knows No Moment Will Ever Be This Perfect Again

Who knew the apocalypse could actually be triggered by happiness?

This Person Who Trusts No One

Embrace the possibility of joy... I mean, maybe Hiddleston and Swift aren't dating, but just this once let yourself believe.

This Person Is Pulling The Escape Hatch On The Internet

They know it is about to get intense on the internet, and it is all Hiddleston and Swift's fault.

This Loki Fan Who Has His Priorities In Order

What rhymes with "Tesseract"? Built to last!

This Smartie Who Could Be Onto Something

Crashing waves, jacket sharing, and hand holding — are Hiddleston and Swift secretly making a Nicholas Sparks film? Because that's almost better than dating.

This Pessimist Who Actually Makes A Good Point

You know a Swift/Hiddleston breakup song would become an instant classic.

This Person Who Believes In Unicorns

Dear Internet, be more like this person.

This Person Who Is All Of Us

On Wednesdays, everyone loses their minds about Swift and Hiddleston kissing.

This Wonderful Human Who Is Here To Remind You Of Swift & Hiddleston's Romantic Beginning

It all started with a dance. How old school romantic is that?

This Person Who Just Came Up With The Best 'Ship Name

Well played.

This Person Who I'm Actually Really Worried About Can Someone Check On Her Please?

We're here for you. We love you.

And Finally, This Dramatic Recreation Of Swift & Hiddleston's First Meeting

This is definitely what happened.

Real or fake, Hiddleston and Swift's romantic pictures are officially the most magical thing to ever happen on the Interwebs.