Tayvin Fans, Prepare For Bad News

by Rachel Simon

Sad news, Tayvin fans. According to People, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up. The site reports that the duo have split after 15 months together as a couple, just a few months after they very publicly celebrated their one year anniversary. The reason for the alleged split, according to People, wasn't due to "drama" — the site quotes a source as saying that possible break-up is due to the fact that "things just don't work out sometimes." Bustle has reached out for comment to both Swift and Harris' reps, but has yet to hear back.

The report comes less than two weeks after Harris was involved in a car accident, in which he reportedly suffered minor injuries and was briefly hospitalized. The DJ's accident seemed to likely be the reason that he and Swift weren't in attendance at the Billboard Music Awards, as he was forced to cancel several of his shows, but if the split report is true, perhaps the duo's absence as a red carpet couple was due to more than just his recovery.

If Harris and Swift really have broken up, it'll be devastating for fans of the duo they've termed "Tayvin." Although the pair have kept their relationship relatively private, it's become clear through their occasional Instagrams, Snapchats, and quotes about each other that they share (or shared) a deep bond. They may have rarely appeared on red carpets or given in-depth interviews about one another, but the things they did choose to share with the public showed how close a couple they'd become. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, for instance, Swift posted a photo of a gorgeous necklace bought for her by Harris; in March, they both shared several photos from what looked to be a romantic beach vacation.

Neither Swift nor Harris have confirmed or denied the report just yet, so there's still hope for fans wanting to believe that Tayvin is everlasting. Fingers crossed that this is merely a bump in the road, and that the stars' relationship is as strong as ever.