When Will 'Crash Bandicoot' Be Available? The Popular '90s Character Is Having A Huge Comeback

The shirtless, crazy-eyed, animated marsupial of your youth is having a huge comeback moment. During the E3 2016 press conference, Sony announced a remastering of Crash Bandicoot, and the hearts of a million '90s kids simultaneously fluttered everywhere. It was also revealed that Crash will be a part of the forthcoming PS4 game Skylanders Imaginators. Plus (yes, it gets better) Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot Warped will also be remastered for the PS4. But, before you go relieving your video game glory days, there's one missing piece of information we need to address right now, and that's this: Exactly when will Crash Bandicoot be available? You know, so we can plan our lives accordingly (cancel all the plans, all of them!).

As for Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Bandicoot Warped Sony and Crash Bandicoot, property owner Activision have yet to establish an official release date. We do know, however, that they will probably come out sometime in 2017. Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision said, “We can’t wait for gamers to see Crash bring his unique style and quirky personality to the epic battle against Kaos in Skylanders Imaginators. And next year, we’ll expand on the Crash experience for players with remastered versions of three classic games.”

If you can't wait that long, expect to see Crash in Skylanders Imaginators as soon as it becomes available on October 14. Watch the trailer for Skylanders Imaginators — featuring the beloved whirling Crash — and get amped for his return, below:

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Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation originally hit shelves in 1996. Over the years, there have been many iterations, with the last Crash appearing in 2010's Crash Nitro Kart. Six years later, fans who have been paying attention to Crash related news, might not see the remastering as such a surprise. A few months ago PlayStation Latin America posted a #TBT photo of Crash on Twitter, but it didn't look like the '90s Crash — it looked updated. Since the upload, it's been confirmed that the photo had been a retouched scan, but still, people wondered why Sony would put so much effort into one post.

Earlier this month, a Swiss retailer accidentally leaked the possibility of a Crash game by listing a new entry for the Crash series. So, yeah, if you've been paying attention, rumors of a a Crash remastering have been circling.


It's been a long time coming, so however many more months we have to wait until the remastered Crash Bandicoot and its sequels come out, will be just fine with me.

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