'Hamilton' Exhibit Will Be A Hit With Fans Who Can't Get Tickets To The Musical

Getting your hands on Hamilton tickets is like winning the lottery at this point — but while you're waiting to win the jackpot, there's another way to dive into the life of Alexander Hamilton. A new exhibit about Hamilton at the New York Public Library, called "Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel," will feature over two dozen items from the library's archives. It may not be as catchy as the musical, but will certainly be just as informative.

Hamilton has developed a massive cult following ever since it came to Broadway in 2015, but most of its dedicated fans have never even seen the play. As the whole play is a musical, the mega-popular Hamilton soundtrack alone is enough to get you totally lost in the story. The tickets are such hot commodities that one terrible boyfriend stole his girlfriend's Hamilton tickets to give as an extravagant present to his sister. (The jerk got dumped, and the tickets are back in their rightful hands — phew.)

So there are a ton of New Yorkers simply desperate to find out more about the misunderstood Alexander Hamilton — and this exhibit sounds exactly what they need. The items on display will reveal more about Hamilton's ambitions, his impressive career, his relationships with Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and James Madison — and the scandals that tarnished his legacy.

So if you can't get tickets to Hamilton, don't fret just yet. This exhibit sounds like it will be absolutely fascinating, and you can impress your lucky theater-going friends with insider knowledge on the fascinating Alexander Hamilton that even they don't know.