'Hamilton' Cast Nominates Kanye West To Replace Lin-Manuel Miranda & Their Reasoning Makes Complete Sense

I know what you’re thinking: Kanye West as the star of Hamilton, Broadway’s biggest musical in decades? Can that guy even sing? But when the cast of Hamilton nominated the Life of Pablo rapper to take over for Lin-Manuel Miranda when he steps down from leading the Tony-award-winning musical for greener pastures, it took me a second to realize that it kinda makes a lot of sense. Sure, hearing it outright without explanation might sound ridiculous, but when you hear why set designer David Korins nominated Kanye West for the role of Alexander Hamilton, it definitely makes sense in a way that fans of the rapper and the musical probably aren’t expecting.

When asked by Vanity Fair at the 70th annual Tony Awards who should replace Lin-Manuel Miranda when he steps down from the lead role of Alexander Hamilton, the cast of Hamilton had a number of different suggestions. But it was when set designer David Korins suggested Kanye West as the ultimate replacement that the world stopped spinning. Because seeing Kanye West in a Broadway musical might do more than just break the internet. That casting decision could downright break New York City. But when Korins explained his nomination, exclusively to Vanity Fair, it started to make a lot of sense.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Korins, who has designed West’s concerts in the past, said that the rapper would be good for the role because “He’s very prolific, he has the stage presence, and the rap and hip-hop music wouldn’t be a problem.” But his other reason for nominating West for the role of Alexander Hamilton was maybe the most convincing one: “At times he’s a misunderstood artist, so he could relate to Hamilton well.”

I have to say, that is a pretty convincing argument. For a musical that is about a man whose work in founding our country was largely misunderstood — and whose identity as an orphan from the Caribbean kept him feeling like an outsider throughout his life — having an artist who is often dismissed for his antics playing him could be a really good casting move for the musical.

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Not to mention, West also announced that he will be running for President in 2020. If nothing else, the chance to play a future President on Broadway could beef up his political clout a bit and have voters take his candidacy more seriously.

So I’m all for it. I think it would be a win for everyone involved. Especially for Kanye West’s political future.