28 Classic '90s Theme Songs That You Will Never Forget The Words To

Grab a bright-colored bowl in the back of your cupboard, fill it with your favorite sugar-filled cereal, and grip your TV remote as tightly as you can, because it's time to revisit your childhood. That's right: Right now, we are traveling back in time! All the way to the '90s, specifically, because they were arguably the most magical era any of us have ever had the privilege to experience. It's no wonder we can't help but reminisce about the trends that molded us, the music that changed us, and the iconic TV shows that raised us.

Long before the Internet rocked the stratosphere, most kids' only means of entertainment was drowning in as many hours of fine cartoon and sitcom dramas as humanly possible. Luckily, it was a decade filled with the best television, all of which came complete with the best theme songs that were ever created.

Though your Tamagotchi may have long broken (or you forgot to feed them 52,678 days ago, R.I.P.), you're about to feel like you're back in the '90s thanks to this list. Though watching reruns of those shows that you loved back in the day would be a time-consuming endeavor, revisiting everyone's favorite, classic theme songs that defined the '90s is a must for any nostalgic trip — and easy, too! Here are just a few:

1. All That

Considering it was a truly groundbreaking sketch comedy, of course All That was always going to have a killer theme song.

2. Inspector Gadget

I mean, of course.

3. Family Matters

Alongsize Steve Urkel's most infamous line, I remember waking up every Saturday morning to this beautiful music.

4. Full House

How would this list even be complete without the Full House tune?

5. Rugrats

Childhood at its finest, folks.

6. The Magic School Bus

Where would any of us be if it wasn't for Ms. Frizzle?

7. Boy Meets World

OK, I am totally biased because this is my favorite show — but come on, it's iconic.

8. Saved By The Bell

It's just too '90s to handle.

9. Recess

Because some times, you don't need words to be a hit.

10. Animaniacs

Watching Animanics again as a grown-up, it's hard to ignore that it is jam-packed with really adult humor that I'm sure we all laughed at as kids without really knowing what we were laughing at. Oh, childhood!

11. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I feel really sorry for you if you don't know the words to this classic.

12. Sister, Sister

It's been 22 years since Sister, Sister first premiered, and those memorable kooky hats still aren't old.

13. The Powerpuff Girls

Whenever you hear someone say "sugar and spice," don't tell me you don't finish their sentence with "...and everything nice," just because of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

14. Arthur

And I say, "HEY!"

15. Hey Arnold!

I just really need the Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie to be released, like, yesterday.

16. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (All Seasons)

Because one theme song was just not enough, duh!

17. Dawson's Creek

It's just too good.

18. Dexter's Laboratory

It's lah-bor-ah-tor-ee, not lab-rah-tory! DIDI!

19. Pokémon

No reflection on '90s themes songs would be complete without Pokémon. Hellooo, it's STILL on.

20. Friends

Come onnnn, you know when to clap — even if you have never seen an episode in your life.

21. Blossom

I kid you not, I have actual footage of my older sister dancing to this song in the background to my baby video. It's too amazing!

22. Pinky And The Brain

Rewatching this show, it's clear the premise is outstanding. No wonder the theme song is so damn incredible, too.

23. Sailor Moon

Please do not lie to me and say you didn't have a crush on Tuxedo Max. EVERYONE DID. He was so mysterious and hunky! Swoon.

24. Party of Five

I only caught onto Party of Five when I was 22, but man did I fall in love with every storyline and this unforgettable song instantly.

25. Angry Beavers

I always laugh while watching these opening credits. They're perfect.

26. Doug

Does everyone know that Patti Mayonnaise is now in jail on Orange is the New Black ?! I guess things with Doug went super south.

27. Smart Guy

If you don't know the words to Smart Guy's theme song, we can't be friends.

28. The X-Files

I think this one speaks volumes for itself.

Well, I guess it is safe to say we all know what our weekend plans are. Let's all just jump back indoors and marathon all these songs over and over again. Who needs Vitamin D in the summer, anyways?! We have the '90s nostalgia — the best medicine money can buy.

Images: Nickelodeon