The Stars Of 'The Katering Show' Are Building An Empire While Balancing Mom Life In The Coolest Way

There are two hilarious Australian natives who have caught the attention of stars like Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres. Meanwhile, they’re changing diapers and doing dishes. Comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan are best friends who joined forces to take a stab at the world of YouTube viral-ness with the LOL-worthy The Katering Show , a series following "the journey of a food intolerant [McCartney] and an intolerable foodie [McLennan].” Making it in the digital arena is no easy task, and since launching the show last year, they’ve already racked in millions of views, have 83K YouTube subscribers and 13K Instagram followers. Somehow, they accomplished all of this with small babies on their hips. And I have a hard time getting stuff done without a cup of coffee.

The two use satire and on-point comedic timing to poke at food fads and trends, which no one can get enough of these days, especially with all of those pretty and mouthwatering Instagram pics. But with a new spin, they have tackled topics including the Paleo diet, quitting sugar and the Thermomix (that video alone has two million views). There’s no doubt the show will continue to be successful, especially with the premiere of the second season last month. That doesn’t mean they don’t have their obstacles, though, the biggest one, perhaps being their little ones.

“It’s been interesting,” says McLennan, “I think because both of us have had children. While I’m saying this, my little baby is getting wheeled out of the room to lunch.” She explains that the biggest change that has come since the start of the show is day-to-day life. McLennan explains it as “not glamorous at all,” with lots of time spent “doing dishes [and] trying to organize.”

Not that there was any baby mama drama while getting everything in line for launch, but it got close. According to the pair, they had plans to write the first season and launch while McLennan was about to give birth and McCartney already had a small baby to take care of. Talk about #goals. “Originally, we thought: ‘Oh, we could just write an episode and get the whole series written before I give birth,’ and then this is when McCartney had a little baby. We were supposed to write between June and September last year, and we were like, ‘We’ll write in that time, babies sleep all the time, it’s fine!’”

Little did they know, though.

“And then we became parents and realized that we were f*cking crazy,” she recalls. “Trying to juggle being a mom and a content creator.” McLennan admits their biggest challenge thus far has been “the practicalities of having two very small children and writing.” McCartney agrees.

Between juggling babies, home life and pumping out new, fresh content for fans, there’s the additional layer of keeping their voice and the brand consistent and true to give fans what they want. Again, no easy task. “Creatively speaking, it’s just really making sure that we maintain our voice,” says McLennan. “Putting out a very clear voice and what we want to say. There’s expectation that we would, in the second season of the show, discuss food trends.” That said, they’re taking risks by adding some flares and inspiration from their own lives. “Really, the show, for us, isn’t so much about food trends as it is about personal lives too. What kind of comments we want to make satirically,” she says.

The proof is in their pudding. It’s clear that being moms hasn’t changed who they are. They call themselves names, joke about sh*tting their pants (namely food-intolerant McCartney), drop f-bombs with babies in their laps and have no problem literally balancing small children and wine, as displayed here:

My favorite is how they call themselves “lazy f*cks” as a reason for stalling to put up new episodes while taking care of their kids and being pregnant. Incredible.

These ladies give us an amazing example of what it means to be a modern entrepreneurial woman, with a twist, of course.

Images: The Katering Show/YouTube (2); Giphy