7 Clues About Cersei's Rumor On 'Game Of Thrones' That Hint At The Truth

It's not like Game of Thrones to throw a surprise without any foreshadowing. The latest plot in King's Landing is no exception. There have to be clues about Cersei's rumor on Game of Thrones — right? Whether the hints were dropped by Qyburn or someone else, we've probably been warned about what he and Cersei are planning.

Many fans think the rumor is that Aerys has stores of wildfire hidden all over King's Landing. However, I feel like that's old news. I think the rumor has to do with Tyrion and Daenerys' partnership. At the beginning of the season, Cersei blamed Myrcella's death on Maggy the Frog's prophecy. Even though Jaime scoffed at the thought of fate tying them down, maybe this rumor has something to do with the prophecy too. Book readers know that the prophecy also involved Tyrion (or so Cersei thinks), so it's a possibility that she has resumed her search for the youngest Lannister brother.

I don't think the phrase "much more than a rumor" could mean anything other than "it's the truth." It's unlikely that Qyburn discovered that something was a legend instead of a rumor, or something. Going back through Game of Thrones Season 6, here are the clues that I've come up with for what this rumor could be.

1. It's All In The Editing


Immediately following this scene, the camera cut to a happy Tyrion in Meereen, indicating that the rumor could have to do with his status as a runaway Lannister. That may also be referring to Tyrion's old threat to his sister that one day when she is safe and happy, "joy will turn to ashes" in her mouth.

2. Essos Community Theater


In the plays that Arya has been watching, Cersei is portrayed as a grieving mother who plans on dedicating her life to killing Tyrion and Sansa even if it kills her. Her speech in Sunday's episode "No One" could be filled with clues foreshadowing the real Cersei's plan. "The wolves are buried and the false stag done" is referring to House Stark and House Baratheon, though I'm not sure that "false stag" is an appropriate name for Robert. Wouldn't that better describe Joffrey himself? "Born amongst lions, our curse from within" — could this be a clue about Tyrion being a secret Targaryen? I'm not sure that would help Cersei.

Remember, this bit of improvisation was suggested to Lady Crane by Arya. Before, the speech had Cersei wish death upon herself in grief. For that reason, I think it must be in some way significant.

3. "I Choose Violence"


That seems like a pretty decent clue that whatever Cersei's plan is, it is not gonna be pretty.

4. Olenna Tyrell's Question


Those on Team Cersei Burns It All With Wildfire probably remember that Margaery and Loras' grandmother asked Cersei if she planned to kill all of her enemies by herself. Cersei did not respond. A weapon like wildfire would certainly help her do that.

On the other hand, Cersei convinced Jaime to leave King's Landing because if he stayed and killed the High Sparrow, he would never leave the sept alive. Does she really plan on going out in a fiery blaze?

5. What Jaime Knows About Mothers


While Jaime was carrying out his rude, manipulative plot to threaten Edmure Tully into betraying his people at Riverrun, he said something sweet. He compared Catelyn Stark to his sister. That's a high compliment, coming from him. He also said that both of them would burn cities to ash for their children. Curious choice of words.

6. The Location Of The Little Birds


Cersei says that she wants Qyburn to send his spies to Dorne, Highgarden, and the North as well as snooping around King's Landing. She wants to know about anyone who plans on making her losses their gains, so to speak. Could this rumor have something to do with the Martells, the Tyrells, and/or the Starks? What do those three houses have in common?

7. Bran's Vision


Another potential wildfire clue is the vision that Bran had in his "History of Westeros Megamix" following the Raven's death. Not only did we see Robb Stark's death, but that vision included the magical substance being poured, the Mad King ordering its use, and Jaime Lannister killing Aerys before the plot was carried out.

There's a lot to work with here, and I hope Game of Thrones gives us the answer soon.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy (7)