If Andi Dorfman Is The Next 'Bachelorette,' Here's How It Happened

A lot of rumors tend to circulate with Bachelor and Bachelorette-related things, so don't freak out and yell at us for serving you a spoiler. If you're that worried about it turn back now!!! According a new report from TMZ, Andi Dorfman is the new bachelorette (this is not the shocking part) and they claim to have proof (this is!). There has already been talk in Bachelor Nation (of which I am a member), that Andi would end up being the next bachelorette, so a rumor isn't surprising, but if TMZ's claims are true, it sounds like she might have actually taken the spot.

TMZ says that Andi, who is an assistant district attorney in Georgia, is currently in the middle of a murder trial and that she has "mysteriously just taken a leave of absence." I would think she wouldn't leave during a murder trial unless she had a good reason — like finding true love on national television! — so if this report is accurate, Andi is probably the next bachelorette.

TMZ doesn't cite a source, but says, "no one in the Fulton County D.A.'s Office will say why [Andi left.]" Right. So this could all be made up, but if it did happen, here's how it went down:

Andi is the middle of her case when one o'clock rolls around and the judge announces that it's time for lunch break. Andi collects her messy pile of papers and loads them into her briefcase when she notices she's dropped something on the ground. It's the plane ticket she used to go to Vietnam while on The Bachelor. "How'd that get there?" Andi asks herself while loading it back into her briefcase. "No, Andi. That is all behind you," she thinks and decides to throws the ticket in the trash instead.

Feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders, Andi steps outside to walk to lunch when suddenly a paper bag is jammed over her head and she hears a man's voice say, "It's okay. I'm doing this for the right reasons." Andi struggles but is soon shoved into a limo with tinted windows. The bag is taken off of her head and she sees Chris Harrison sitting across from her. Chris says, "Andi, you're the next bachelorette."

Andi is overjoyed. She knows she was living in denial and what she truly wanted was to attempt to find love (and travel the world for free) again. She throws all of her murder trial files out the limo's window as Chris pops open a bottle of champagne. "To us!" they say and clink glasses."

To be continued...

Hey! If TMZ can put out a report with no sources, I can at least jazz it up a little!

Images: ABC