What To Remember About Ruby Rose On 'OITNB'

Ruby Rose's character is like no one else in Litchfield prison. Stella Carlin's confident swagger made her stick like a sore thumb amongst the other inmates at Litchfield when she first arrived, but she was an instant fan-favorite. So, Orange Is The New Black fans who have been looking forward to seeing more of Stella in Season 4 may be disappointed to find that she isn't a big presence, but that doesn't mean the effects of her plot line won't be felt moving forward. So what happened to Ruby Rose's Orange Is The New Black character in Season 3?

Stella was integrated into the main cast as one of the many inmates working for Litchfield's newest enterprise, sewing underwear. Stella was soon one of the first members of Piper Chapman's criminal enterprise, producing used underwear to be smuggled out of prison for purchase. Everything was going fine until Stella and Piper started getting their personal feelings mixed with their business partnership. Piper, who at the time was romantically involved with Alex, began getting intimate with her new business partner. Eventually, Piper called things off with Alex and showed her connection with Stella by allowing herself to be tattooed by her new parter-in-love-and-crime with the phrasem "Trust No B*tch." Unfortunately for Piper, this ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Piper's success proved to be tempting fruit for Stella, who decided it would be OK if she stole money from the reigning underwear queen of Litchfield. Piper, feeling hurt and betrayed by who was then her closest friend in the prison, by planting incriminating evidence in Stella's dorm including weaponry and marijuana. Or, as Piper describes the events, she "cold-heartedly fed [her] own paramour to the wolves." Stella was last seen getting taken away to maximum security prison (where it seems that all good Orange Is The New Black characters go), and serving as the human incarnation of the most important lesson that Piper Chapman would learn during her crime in prison. "Trust No B*tch."

When Season 4 begins, Piper Chapman's reputation in Litchfield as a powerful figure is in full force, making her a person of interest to any of the new inmates who have ambitions of rising to the top. And, the events caused by Stella's presence were essential to allowing Piper's character to take the next step from transforming from the upper-crust woman who entered Litchfield to the brutal kingpin that she imagines herself to be. Whether or not this power gets to her head and causes her downfall will likely be revealed throughout Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

Image: JoJo Whilden/Netflix