Here Are The Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Shadows

Kat Von D Beauty totally toyed with fans, myself included, on Snapchat the other day. The brand used a glorious grey filter to obscure the shades when teasing the new Kat Von D Serpentina eyeshadow palette. In the Snap, Serpentina looked to be comprised of shades of black, grey, and silver. I was shaking and crying with excitement. Then I realized... it was a filter. Kat and co. were being coy and playful, while building excitement. Still, I held out hope that they were hiding the shades in plain sight and that Serpentina, out this July via Sephora, would indeed be shades of black and grey. The Kat Von D Beauty team has now Snapchatted the actual palette, showing off the eyeshadow shades. It's not black and grey, but the hues are stunning.

What colors are in this eight-pan Serpetina palette, which has a pot at the end?

Well, it's all jewel tones. The palette is populated by rich, bright, and gem-like shades, such as ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and more. Serpentina is a highly pigmented and majestic collection.

I grabbed a screenshot of the Kat Von D Beauty Snap below. Observe Serpentina, who is pretty on the inside. #PalettePerfection

Other details about Serpentina? This primo palette is limited edition and vegan. So you need to attempt to grab it the minute it goes on sale and you can feel good about using it.

Here is Serpentina with the grey "teaser" filter, for comparison purposes.

The palette is shoppable at Sephiora on July 5. Memorize that date. Write it on your calendar. Put it in your phone. You don't want to miss this Serpentina on-sale.

The outer case is so, so rock x goth. Just like I (and Kat Von D) like it.

Here's another excited Kat Von D-evotee sharing her excitement. My assessment? I dig Serpentina as she is, with jewel tones, and as she was, with a grey filter as a tease!

Get ready to scoop this baby up on July 5. I do expect it to sell out on the quick. I mean, with those colors, who could it not?

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1); Kat Von D Beauty/Snapchat (1)