Will Morello & Vinny Break Up On 'Orange Is The New Black'? Their Relationship Hit A Rough Patch

Well that didn't last long. After Morello married Vinny on Orange is the New Black , all seemed right with the world. Morello finally had the wedding of her dreams, Vinny seemed like a decent guy, both of them got to have sex, what could go wrong? Well, apparently a lot. Spoilers for all of OITNB Season 4 ahead. Turns out keeping a marriage together when you're in prison is pretty tough. It didn't take long for Vinny to start missing visits and for Morello to start getting suspicious that he wasn't being faithful. The last we heard from the two, they were having an intense fight on the phone. So, what does that mean for Season 5? Will Morello and Vinny get divorced on Orange is the New Black ?

I hope not. I've been rooting for these guys for awhile now, and I want to see them make it work. Unfortunately, Morello may need to work on herself first. After almost being tempted to cheat on Vinny with Nicky, Morello began to suspect that if she could stray, so could Vinny. She even accused him of sleeping with her sister. Needless to say, Vinny didn't really appreciate that.

Of course, when they first got married, I did have my doubts about their longevity. They didn't have a relationship foundation prior to her being in prison, and it's likely hard to sustain a marriage when you can't really see each other. Plus, they had to cool it on the phone sex since Vinny lives at home, and he stopped visiting as much supposedly because the drive was too long. That all took a toll on Morello and she acted out in fear and jealousy.

Will the two of them make it work? I certainly believe Morello wants to try. At the end of the season, she broke down to Nicky, explaining that she can see things unraveling before her, but she doesn't know how to make it stop. She may not have figured out a solution yet, but the first step is identifying the problem. If Morello is able to see that she's contributing her fair share to their marital problems, then hopefully the two of them can work through things and stay together. I just want Morello to get her happily ever after, and it seems like Vinny is just the right guy for that job. Fingers crossed they're able to make it work.

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