Yes, The 'Ghostbusters' Cast Singing The Theme Song A Cappella Is As Amazing As It Sounds — VIDEO

After months of suffering disproportionate outrage from internet sexists over their all-female remake of classic comedy Ghostbusters, director Paul Feig and cast members Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones finally had an opportunity to serve some shade right back at their opposition. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Feig jokingly reminded the hilarious ladies that they're "in the business of ruining men's childhoods" and as such, challenged McCarthy and Wiig to perform the "folk lady" a cappella cover of the original and beloved Ghostbusters theme tune (a cover that they apparently came up with during filming, which is even better). In exchange for their impromptu performance, Feig agreed to be "slimed," but judging from how perfect the Ghostbusters stars sing the classic theme tune, they needed very little incentive to perform. And honestly? Their rendition is actually pretty magical.

Firstly, they have some pretty angelic, ghostbustin' voices, but crucially, their rendition of the song nails all the main elements that made Ray Parker's original hit so damn spectacular. We've got Wiig adding some spooky, ghostly, operatic folk vocals to the iconic lyrics, McCarthy "scatting" the catchy-as-hell melody, and both of them harmonizing together in a grandiose, supremely respectable manner that really highlights the mysterious, subtle cadences of the song's original vocals.

BBC America on YouTube

These days, Ray Parker Jr.'s original Ghostbusters theme song feels very much like a beloved product of bygone era. It came from a time when the majority of blockbuster movies always had an accompanying hit song, plus a music video starring members of the film's cast in dramatic montages of the film's best moments. Most of the time, these tunes were also beyond spectacular, too. So, I'm just going to come right out and say it: It's time to bring back the blockbuster movie theme song, and I think McCarthy, Wiig, Jones, and McKinnon are exactly the women to help usher its return. I adore their ludicrous rendition of the theme song so much that I'd happily depart with a handful of my hard-earned money in order to get my hands on a copy.

Furthermore, I also think it should absolutely be the official theme song for the movie. Despite being completely preposterous, their rendition is actually pretty badass. In fact, I'd support them pushing the song even further: Why not add extra embellishments like a vocal breakdown by Slimer or a sexy flute solo by Chris Hemsworth (I'm not positive that the actor has ever played a flute in his life, but I am certain that he would still be amazing at it) and make the song as wonderfully, ridiculously over the top as possible?

Because while I can sympathize with fans who feel that a remake of the original movie was completely unnecessary, there's been an unwarranted and troubling amount of distinctly sexist responses to the all-female casting of the movie — responses that deserve to be tackled and silenced. And one of the best ways to discredit the views of such people? By showing them that no matter how toxic their opinions are, they don't hold enough weight to silence women or stop them from doing whatever they want to. The louder and more visible we can make ourselves, the better, even if that means recording a ludicrous cover version of a beloved classic song as a musical way of flipping the bird at online sexists. I, for one, am ready to hear it. Make it happen, ladies.

Images: YouTube/BBCAmerica; Sony