This 'GoT' Meeting Could Be Major

by Allie Gemmill

As Season 6 winds down, Game of Thrones news and spoilers are getting scarce. The episode descriptions for the final two episodes are not being released, leaving us diehard fans scratching our heads as to what exactly is in the cards for our beloved characters. In retrospect, this season of GoT has been unusually calm and relatively upbeat in comparison with seasons previous. Reunions, major power plays, and even some moments of flirtation between our favorite cast members (yes, I totally mean Tormund and Brienne) have helped to keep the tone light in conjunction with plots of revenge and loss. As we lean into the final episodes of the season, the one truly bright spot we can look back on is the rise in the visible power status of the GoT women. Sansa, Cersei, Arya, Daenerys and Yara have all been elevated to a high level of maturity, power and awareness of their roles in the grand scheme of things. These women have all, respectively, earned their badass stripes this season, going through many a tense moment only to come through the other side a bit stronger. So what would happen if there was an unexpected alliance between two of them?

That thought is exactly what is keeping the GoT rumor mill turning. There is a distinct possibility that Daenerys (aka Dragon Mama bae-of-the-year) could be meeting Yara Greyjoy in "Battle of the Bastards." Thanks to a random sidebar in T.V. & Satellite Week in the U.K., this blessed meeting might be taking place and subsequently opening up the floor to a myriad of possibilities. While it's certainly odd that this major spoiler would be allowed to go to print so casually in the days leading up the episode premiere, it's no less major.

First off, can we just take a moment to do a happy dance at the thought of us getting to see this meeting happen? Done? Okay, let's keep going. If the Greyjoys do arrive in Meereen in "Battle," then that means they will be able to join forces with Daenerys to help her regain control of the city. In doing so, Daenerys might be more comfortable leaving Meereen once the dust has settled and heading off to Westeros. Can you imagine how amazing that exit would be out of Meereen: just two boss female leaders, storming through the streets towards the Greyjoy fleet of ships, ready to take over the world. It's a truly beautiful thought. And then what? The only viable option is for the female duo to head to King's Landing so that they can take over the city and give Daenerys the Iron Throne. While she has been gunning for the throne since day one, Yara could leverage her assistance in Daenerys' campaign as a way to become the rightful ruler of the Iron Islands. All of the leads to the strong feelings the GoT fandom has held for a long time that Daenerys will end up ruling and that literally nothing will ever be able to stand in her way.

Another exciting idea would be for the ladies-in-awesomeness to come to Cersei's aid and effectively form a triad of powerful female unity; but alas, I dream. That's purely speculative — but GoT writers, you should definitely take that into consideration (if you're reading this). One thing is for certain: Watching women unite on this show is a formidable occurrence and heaven help anyone who gets in their way. So, please GoT, hear my cry: Bring Daenerys and Yara together for the love of dragons!

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO