How Democratic Or Republican Is Your Name? Find Out With This Handy Tool

What's in a name? Well, according to data crunched by Democratic consulting firm Clarity Campaign Labs, a whole lot of personal information: How likely you are to own a gun. How often, if at all, you're likely to attend religious services, and whether you lean Democratic or Republican. Whether you probably do or don't have a college degree. Don't believe us? Input your first name into Clarity's campaign-analytics system below, and see for yourself.

Clarity recommends that you use the tool to "choose a partisan name for your baby, determine what political party views you should really have, or just waste time on the Internet." The firm's resources were utilized by Ohio's Democratic Party to identify potential voters in the run-up to Obama's 2012 presidential race, according to the Politico feature, "Department of Experiments:"

Clarity received the names of 144,416 people who had volunteered through the state party in the past, with instructions to look for other Ohioans among the state’s approximately 7.9 million registered voters who statistically resembled them. To find them, Clarity will use the same predictive-modeling techniques it uses to microtarget voters.

It's time for some analytic-sleuthing of our own. Let's take Hillary Clinton, for whom at least two super PACs are waiting in the wings to fund and direct her 2016 presidential campaign — if it exists. And if it does happen, would the name Hillary be firmly blue... or would it lean a little Republican? Let's find out.

You can take the test for yourself here.