Cary & Leanne Had It Out On The 'RHOD' Reunion

Well, ladies and gents — it’s one more season of Real Housewives down, and many, many (hopefully) more to go. The Real Housewives Of Dallas reunion show perfectly summed up a season of big hair, diamonds, and very loud screeching. One quieter (but just as dramatic) moment, though, came when Cary and her husband, Mark, opted to confront Leanne over spreading rumors about the origin of their marriage. You see, Leanne has told everyone that Cary is a home wrecker, and Cary sobbed on national television to tell everyone that that wasn’t the case.

At first, Leanne kind of denied what she said, and then they showed a clip of the conversation. I don’t know how reality television contestants deny, deny, deny — there is literally video proof of your conversations. Anyway, as Mark and Cary doubled down on all of the bad things that Leanne had said about their relationship (that Cary had stolen Mark away from his wife, etc.), and eventually, as Cary became more and more distraught, Leanne dropped the whole thing and apologized. I promise you — that actually happened. I guess Leanne realized that spreading unfounded rumors about a couple’s origins is pretty crappy. The women hugged, and Andy moved on to his next victim.

I can’t really decide if that will be the end of it, though. Leanne loves to talk about people (I think it makes her feel superior because she definitely has admitted to a complex about that), and eventually, she’ll come back to Cary, won’t she? There are a finite number of people in Dallas to gossip about in between charity events. I do feel for Cary, though — she started a marriage to a man she deeply loves with the best intentions and then people poop (a theme this season) all over it. I hope Leanne gets the attitude adjustment she needs and Cary keeps on living her life with Mark (who is adorable, by the way).

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy