What Army Did Sansa Bring To The Battle Of Bastards On 'Game Of Thrones'? She Recruited From The Vale

Well, we all survived the Battle of the Bastards on Sunday's Game of Thrones. It was honestly some of the most nerve-racking moments that the show has produced, thus far. Things were certainly not easy for the Stark army and for a little while, it looked like they were going to be defeated pretty easily. Just as things looked completely hopeless, the Knights of The Vale rode in with Sansa like majestic unicorns to save the day, and save the day they did. So, who are these heroes?

Littlefinger finallly proved that he is good for something, tonight. If you remember, he made the smart move to marry Lysa Arryn of The Vale and then push her crazy butt through the moon door. This bold move left him as Lord of The Vale, which puts him in command of their army, who came to save the Starks. Luckily, fans were right when they theorized that it was Littlefinger who Sansa was writing to a couple of weeks ago. She asked for help and he finally came through.

The specific strengths of the Knights of the Vale are kind of a mystery. When Robb Stark was calling houses to his cause way back in Season 3, he really wanted to woo the men of The Vale to fight for him. It seems like they have the upper-hand in sheer numbers alone. When they rode in tonight during a moment where it looked like Jon would die (again), it was clear that they had the swords to win any battle that was laid before them.

It was certainly nice to see Littlefinger act in the good-guy roll for once, but I won't hold my breath and assume he doesn't have an ulterior motive. But, for now, I'll enjoy the fact that the Starks seem back on top.

Images: HBO