Sansa's Speech To Ramsay On 'Game Of Thrones' Was The Perfect Way To Silence Her Abuser

Listen up, it's time take a moment away from cheering about Ramsay's brutal death on Game of Thrones, because we need to discuss how legendary Sansa Stark just became. Not that she wasn't always, but she really closed the show with a bang on Sunday. During the episode, she got to have the final moments with her sadistic husband and she definitely made it count. Sansa delivered a final speech to Ramsay that was so epic I'm pretty sure the entirety of Westeros would have stood up and slow-clapped if they'd heard it.

After fans were treated to Jon Snow beating Ramsay's face into the mud for a full 30 seconds (that's right, I timed it for you), Jon took back Winterfell in the Stark's name and unfurled the Stark banners. It was still unclear whether Ramsay was still alive, but once Jon saw his sister's face, Jon rightfully allowed Ramsay to hang onto his last breath so Sansa could finish him off. She took a trip down into the dungeon where Ramsay was being held, where he was bleeding and tied to a chair. A closer look revealed that his prison was the very place where he housed his beloved hounds that he tended to utilize as weapons of mass destruction to women, family members, and newborn babies.

Ramsay's viciousness never faltered, I will give him that. He immediately went back to trying to play mind games on his former bride by telling her that she could never kill him because he's part of her now. Sansa stood stone-cold like the badass she is, and delivered a speech that would have brought him to his knees if he wasn't tied to a chair.

She calmly replied with these brief, but powerful statements.

Your words will disappear.

Your house will disappear.

Your name will disappear.

All memory of you will disappear.

With that burn, she let the hounds saunter out of their cages and up to their master, Ramsay. When he sneered and claimed that they were "loyal beasts" who would never hurt him, Sansa reminded him of something he had said to Jon earlier on the battlefield: He told Jon that he couldn't wait to feed his men to his hounds because he hadn't fed the poor dogs in seven days in preparation. Hindsight is 20/20, Ramsay.

After Ramsay's loyal hounds promptly latched onto his face for dinner, Sansa calmly walked away and gave one last delightful smirk before the credits rolled. The entire scene was completely perfect and only made me, and Game of Thrones fans everywhere, cheer even louder for Team Sansa. She deserved every bit of revenge she got, and her final speech to Ramsay was the best way to silence her abuser for good.

Images: HBO