This Is The Best Destination For A Summer Fling

It's time for summer getaways, and if you're single, that means it's the perfect time to have a summer fling. You travel somewhere, you only are going to be there for a while, so any hookup you have is going to have an expiration date. It's the perfect opportunity for something uncomplicated and completely no-strings attached. But is it just something out of a every teen movie or are people really having hookups when they travel?

Turns out, we are. We really, really are. Ann Summers, sex toy and lingerie retailer, decided to find out how many of us are hooking up and where they're doing it. According to the survey of 1,000 Brits, 32 percent of us have had a one-night stand while traveling abroad. And 15 percent of people surveyed have had sex with a bartender on vacation because we're all human OK.

Some summer destinations are more romantic than others, if romance is 20 minutes from the beach and months of sand to remind you. So where should you head for a sexy vacation? Here's what the survey found, because, as always, the Black Eyed Peas were right:

1. Ibiza Lives Up To Its Reputation

No surprise here. Ibiza is renowned as a vacation destination for all-night clubbing, and 34 percent said that they had had sex with a stranger there. It was also the most popular place for sex on the beach than anywhere else, with 26 percent of people hitting the sand.

2. Majorca Was Almost As Popular

Thirty percent of people said they had a vacation hookup in Majorca, making it almost as popular as Ibiza.

3. Crete Is A Hot Hookup Spot Too

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, had a 27 percent hookup rate. There's not a huge gap between the destinations, meaning nowhere is that far from the one in three statistic, and shows we all need to let our hair down sometimes. Interestingly, the Greek islands were also the most popular place for threesomes, where 11 percent decided to ménage à trois.

4. Bulgaria Is Where Bartenders Get Down...

Remember what I said about bartenders? Bulgaria is where people were getting lucky with staff— 19 percent of people slept with a bartender and 20 percent slept with a vacation rep there. So if you're looking for a summer job, it's where you're most likely to get lucky.

5. ... And It's Also Where Love Blooms

Bulgaria was also the most popular place for a summer fling to turn into more — with 11 percent of people getting into a long-term relationship there. What happens on vacation doesn't always stay on vacation.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (5)