Who Is Corey Brooks From 'Big Brother 18'? Don't Let This All-American Boy Fool You

It's a brand new summer, which means a brand new season of everyone's favorite CBS show. With the official cast of Big Brother 18 announced, and the premiere of the hit summer series quickly approaching, there are a whole bunch of new faces that fans need to start familiarizing themselves with. The Big Brother game is one that's filled with strategy and dynamic relationships, so it's also important that we get to know each and every cast members' personalities heading in to the Season 18 premiere. Personally, I've got my bets on new cast member Corey Brooks — a 25-year-old baseball coach — when it comes to winning the competition.

With just a single glance at his charming face and his all-American credentials, it's clear to see why Big Brother 18 brought Corey Brooks along for the ride. The Dallas, Texas native not only described himself as "extraordinary, passionate, and lovable" in his CBS profile, but he also expressed his love for traveling and staying active, both in sports and in just hanging out with his friends. Not to mention he named-drop his best friend, Ross Stripling, who recently made his MLB debut on the L.A. Dodgers.

Based on some more of his responses in his CBS questionnaire, Brooks' competitive edge will be more than what meets the eye. In fact, his boy-next-door charm might be his secret weapon when it comes to getting that $500,000 prize. His game plan is ready to go:

"I plan to use my great people skills and stay off the block by making as many alliances as possible, even individually. I don't want to have too much power to where I'm forced to get blood on my hands. I'm also not going to be a floater. I'm going to be a key player in competitions and have one of the strongest social games. I don't want to give anyone a reason to vote me off, but if I'm ever in position to have to put someone on the block, I'll really have to dig for a logical reason and explain why for damage control. I definitely want to have one of the strongest relationships with one or two other players that would be the strongest in the game."

Big Brother 18 aside, I have a feeling that no matter what happens, who Corey is as a person won't be changed. "Not seeing my family and friends for a while [will be difficult], but I know it will all be worth it," Corey shared via CBS, "Also, I think it will be tough to get into a daily routine because I like to keep busy, work out, and do things that make me happy, so I will have to figure that out."

According to his Twitter account (@coreybrooks34), keeping up with baseball season and hanging out with his bros is definitely is what's most important to this contestant when he's not in the competition. The former pitcher and coach for the Dallas Mustangs always keeps his personal interests in mind.

So, don't underestimate Brooks' and his captivating smile. With his dogs Rory and new Golden Retriever puppy, Donny, and his tight-knit Southern family, rooting for him at home, not to mention his natural ability to socialize and charm everyone around him, he's going to have an amazing season.

Big Brother 18 premieres on CBS Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. EST. Let the games begin.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS