What's Evan Been Doing After 'The Bachelorette'? JoJo's Suitor Is Keeping Busy

By now, Bachelorette fans know contestant Evan best for being one of the bachelors that has gotten plenty of screentime for one big reason: fighting the aggressive, meat-loving Chad. Well, now that Chad is gone (or, you know, kind of gone), it's hard to know exactly what Evan is going to do with the rest of his time on the show. The bachelor hasn't exactly managed to inspire faith in JoJo, especially after giving her a (pretty unfair) ultimatum in an attempt to get Chad booted that he promptly reneged. I'm not sure how much longer Evan stands a chance with the house's lightning rod gone, but as it stands now, the "Erectile Dysfunction Specialist" is still sitting pretty with the rest of the remaining Bachelors. But what has Evan been doing after The Bachelorette, during all his time off the show?

Fairly secretive of his three children and equally proud of his business, Evan has never been a very public person. In fact, besides the details of his profession, fans haven't really been filled in on any other info about his personal life while he's been on the show. But since The Bachelorette has finished, Evan has gifted fans with the below interesting peeks at his life since his time on-screen.

He's Been Hanging With His Bachelorette Friends

If Evan is any indication, you can take the Bachelor out of The Bachelorette, but you can't take The Bachelorette out of the Bachelor. Evan looks to have cemented a solid friendship with pals Wells and Luke even after shooting has ended.

He's Been Spending Quality Time With His Pup

Any man who loves his dogs is a good dude in my book, and between his pups and his kids, it's clear Evan is a nurturer through and through. This photo was taken awhile ago (his social media updates are few and far between), but it still shows the love Evan clearly has for his dog.

He's Been Getting Into Memes

A throwback to Daniel's pretty epic drunk meltdown, it's clear Evan isn't over that casual excavation of his belly button. That's definitely a violation of personal space worthy of some meme-ification.

He's Been Indulging In Some '90s Nostalgia

I'm going to be honest – I had no idea who Kid 'N Play was (apparently, they're a hip-hop group of a bygone era, like Salt 'N Pepa with dudes), but it's clear Evan holds some serious love for them, hitting what looks like a concert with some of his Bachelorette pals.

He's Been Getting Back To Work

For someone with such a niche profession, Evan seems really excited about what he's doing at his men's health clinic, so regardless of how long he stays on the show, I'm sure he'll be back to one of his clinics before too long. Hey, we all have to save the world in our own way.

All these peeks at his personal life are fascinating, but I have a sad feeling that even if he weren't one of the most anticipated contestants to go home, I'm pretty sure these next few weeks will be the last audiences see of Evan. But with a life like his to go back to, that doesn't sound like such a bad thing after all.

Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin; giphy