More Bad News For Robin Thicke

It's like the "Blurred Lines" singer went from having the song of the summer to having shit rain on him: first his split with his wife of nine years, Paula Patton, and now it's been reported that Robin Thicke's son, Julian, was in a minor car accident. Poor guy! (Both him, and his son, obviously.) Apparently, some paparazzi types on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles were snapping photos and just couldn't chill their pants. They were tailing the Range Rover that Julian had been riding in alongside Patton's mother and an assistant. No injuries have been reported, other than Thicke's still broken heart (awwww); the singer has claimed that he's just "trying to get [Paul Patton] back!"

Allegedly, the split was incited by Thicke's infamous VMAs performance this summer, where he publicly grinded with a plethora of women, grabbed the ass of some lady, and let Miley Cyrus get all tongue-waggy and twerky with him. Rumors had been stirring since then, but no official word if the split is because of that or because it was just not a match made in celebrity heaven. (Even though they met when he was fourteen. Fourteen! What were you doing at fourteen? I was belting out the Rent soundtrack in my room, thankyouverymuch, but I DIGRESS from our main point here.)

Still, no one deserves to have a potentially injured son. Snarky comments about Thicke's tendencies aside, we're hoping Julian's okay, and seriously — Robin Thicke is having a not-so-great week.