Retta Wants to Be on 'Scandal' and We Say Hell Yes

Listen: Donna Meagle is a wonderful [albeit fictional] being, a character full of hilarious life that has done so much for the Internet's GIF game, in addition to bringing the subtle funnies week after week on NBC's Parks and Recreation. We'd never want her to leave us — nor would Tom Haverford, we wager — but we would be OK with seeing more of her real-life counterpart, Retta, around. In fact when she suggested she wanted a role on ABC's Scandal , we almost died. Because yesssssssssss, you guys. Oh hell to the effing yes.

In what felt like a match made in television heaven as soon as we read it, Retta explained her desire to show up on the Shonda Rhimes series. "I would love, love to be on Scandal as like a rival fixer," Retta explained. "I'm sure that Olivia Pope would give me a smack-down."

Can you imagine it? Because we can. With all the bravado, confidence, and smooth operator Retta's exhibited as Donna Meagle, under the tutelage of Rhimes we can only see that expanded by a billion and cranked up to eleven. Yes, yes, yes, and yes please. We can already picture it: Retta would play Natasha Hordel of Hordel, Inc — another DC crisis management firm hot on Pope and Associates' tail. With a scandal brewing with her father she's got her hands full — and one of her old clients abandons ship for Hordel, Inc with a boatload of damaging information. It would be a showdown for the ages (as long as Rhimes lets Retta get a couple hilarious barbs in), and one we're totally on board with.

So please, television gods: make it so. Make it so.