Oops! Selena Gomez Falls During Her Concert

So far on her Revival Tour, Selena Gomez has made plenty of headlines. There was that time she ripped up a fan's sign that said "Marry Justin." (Honestly, can you blame her?) Then she gave a touching tribute to her late friend Christina Grimmie. Also, can't forget when she donated the proceeds of her North Carolina show to an anti-discrimination organization fighting for equality. The tour only continues to get more eventful, since Gomez tripped and fell during her concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday, according to Billboard. But fear not, she's just fine. Actually, she's more than fine — she recovered like a champ.

In the fan video below, you can hear the 23-year-old say, "First fall on the whole damn tour. Can you believe it?" Honestly, I can't believe it. Out of all the shows she's done so far, how has she managed to fall only once? That's an impressive feat for someone strutting-slash-dancing around a stage for more than an hour. If it was me, I probably would trip at least once per night. Plus, it's pretty great that Gomez laughs off the incident and doesn't let it phase her. At least she acknowledges she's human and falls occasionally, like the rest of us. But at the same time, she doesn't make a huge deal about it. She goes right back to the performance without missing a beat.

Interestingly enough, her ex Justin Bieber fell during his concert in Canada last Thursday. His response? He joked, "Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet. Oh my lord. That scared the f*ck outta me." Is this some kind of trend? Is Jelena cursed? Perhaps a greater force, like Cupid, is trying to catch their attention and get them back together. Or maybe Gomez watched the Bieber video, LOL-ed like everybody else, and then karma caught up to her and caused her to take a tumble too. It's certainly an amusing coincidence and I'm glad they were both totally fine afterwards. But seriously, what are the chances that these two seasoned performers tripped within a few days of one another? I smell a conspiracy.

OK, so even if it's not some big conspiracy, they both could benefit from being a teensy bit more careful on stage. Although they laughed off these incidents, who knows if a fall could be more serious in the future. Basically, I just want Jelena to continue their concerts in one piece. Or you know, two separate pieces, since they're no longer a couple. (Sorry, Cupid.)