You Can Visit The Gym Victor Of 'BB18' Works At

Big Brother is known to pull its contestants from all different facets of life to reflect the wide variety of people found in America. This year, one of those people is Big Brother 18 houseguest Victor Arroyo, a fitness and exercise fanatic. He believes in the mantra that "Fitness Is Life," if his Instagram bio is any indication. In fact, when he's not working out on his own time, Victor makes a living managing a gym in his hometown of Sidell, Lousiana. If any Lousiana-based Big Brother fans are hoping to stop by the place where he works out, it's very easy to go to Victor Arroyo's home gym.

Victor Arroyo works as the operations manager at LA Fitness in Slidell, according to The Advocate. It also appears that he's pretty good at his job, judging by many of the positive reviews of the location on Yelp. One reviewer, Matt K. of Los Angeles, even claimed that it was the "Best LA fitness [he has] been to. Everything is up kept and so clean. All weights are racked and new equipment." If Victor is able to manage the Big Brother house as well as he manages his gym, he should have no problem getting far in the game. If the Yelp reviews aren't enough evidence, here are some inside peeks at Victor working out at his gym.

Lift Day

Victor is a firm believer that every day should be lift day. Victor will likely be making regular use of the exercise equipment available to the Big Brother houseguests.

Chest Day

Victor's physical prowess makes him a likely powerhouse when it comes to physical competitions, but does that also make him an early target?

Leg Day

As tempting as it is, Victor is too dedicated to his fitness regime to skip leg day. This faithfulness to his craft doesn't mean he'll be faithful to his alliances, however, as he told CBS, "I want to be part of two alliances, but be loyal to one."

Victor doesn't mess around when it comes to his personal fitness, and other members of the Slidell L.A. Fitness likely know that Victor has no intention of messing around when he steps foot in the Big Brother house.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS