The One Scene From 'Pretty Little Liars' You Have To Rewatch Before The Season 7 Premiere

With Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars so close, it's impossible not to think about all of the clues that we may have missed regarding the show's crazy-intense mystery. We know that the writers love peppering episodes of Pretty Little Liars with clues that only super stealthy viewers will catch, like the fact that Big A's phone number translated to the name Sara Harvey, or that Mona's French music was a clue that Charlotte was living in France. Now that we've (mostly) untangled the Big A mystery, it's time to solve for another A — or rather, A.D. We know that Uber A goes by those initials, but where to find clues about his or her identity is a total mystery — or, at least, it was. Pretty Little Liars' showrunner I. Marlene King just revealed the ONE scene fans should watch before the Season 7 premiere of PLL, and it's going to make you want to pull apart this scene for some serious examination.

According to Teen Vogue's interview with the PLL queen, there's a singular scene that will prove to be very important to the upcoming season — the scene between Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake in the Season 6 finale "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars." According to King: "I would definitely rewatch the last scene with Elliot Rollins and Mary Drake, and I would listen to that carefully."

The scene that King is referring to is one that changes absolutely everything on PLL, so it's no wonder that this scene is important to rewatch. It's finally revealed in this scene that Mary Drake is Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin, and that Alison's husband, Dr. Rollins, is totally playing her — he was really in love with Charlotte, not Alison, and is just after her Carissimi fortune. Here's the scene below:

Could there be something that we're missing, even in a scene of jaw-dropping reveals? King suggests we "listen carefully" to this scene, so determined to find out what clue she might be referring to, I scripted out the scene:

ROLLINS: I just got a call from the hospital. Alison's resting comfortably.

MARY: Did she sign the papers?

ROLLINS: Yes, Mary. I control 51 percent of Carissimi now.

MARY: You are the only man my daughter ever loved.

ROLLINS: I would have done anything for Charlotte.

MARY: Elliot. You proved that when you married her cousin. We've finally taken back what was supposed to be mine. And that's what our Charlotte would have wanted.

The line that I keep getting stuck on in this conversation is "our Charlotte." Though it seems to suggest that Mary is referring to Dr. Rollins and herself as the "our" in this line, that's not the only meaning it could have. The "our" could easily refer to Mary and whoever Charlotte's biological father is. Why is this important? Well, perhaps it means that the mysterious "A.D." is really Charlotte's father — it would certainly explain the flashforward from Season 6A when the Liars rush into Alison's classroom to announce that "he's coming for you."

I can't wait for Season 7 of PLL to start — there are only going to be more clues revealed, and I'm excited to unpack them all.

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