Haleb Season 7 Spoilers Prove This 'Pretty Little Liars' Couple Could Get Back Together

There were so many jaw-dropping moments during the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars that it's hard to rank them in order of most shocking. After all, this was the episode which revealed that Jessica DiLaurentis has an identical twin, that Dr. Rollins is totally evil, and that, perhaps most importantly, Hanna still loves Caleb. That's right: The former couple — who was revealed to have broken up after Hanna chose a work trip over going to Europe with Caleb — finally gave Haleb shippers some hope of a reunion in the Season 6 finale. After Hanna finally tole Caleb that she went back to their New York City apartment instead of leaving for her work trip, Hanna admitted what fans knew all along: That she never stopped loving Caleb. Could there be some hope for a Haleb reunion in Season 7? Some Season 7 Haleb spoilers suggest the answer is still up in the air.

Of course, there can only be a Haleb in the future if Hanna survives her Uber A attack, which left her seemingly unconscious. Fortunately, troubled fans can rest easy: that flash-forward from the end of Season 6A, which shows all of the Liars warning Alison about an unnamed "him" coming for her, hasn't actually happened yet. That means that Hanna will survive into Season 7, indicating the possibility of a Haleb reunion. Of course, that's not the only thing necessary to finding out whether Haleb could possibly be revived — spoilers from showrunner I. Marlene King will definitely keep Haleb fans on their toes.


King discussed the crazy Season 6 finale with Variety and dished about the relationships we saw spark. Here's what King told Variety about Haleb:

Haleb, we obviously realized [in the finale] that they still have strong emotions for each other and some unfinished business, but it’s by far become our most complicated relationship on the show, now that Hanna has given Spencer the OK to fall for her ex. And Hanna is still engaged so there’s a lot of complexity going on there.

Hmm... doesn't exactly sound like "full steam ahead for Haleb," but it's also not ruling out the possibility. Pretty Little Liars would be nothing without its complicated relationships, and Hanna and Caleb have never been 100 percent smooth sailing. Right now, the biggest road block is definitely the Spaleb question — how can Hanna and Caleb be together when it would hurt Spencer so much? Fortunately for Haleb fans, King seems to suggest that maybe their relationship isn't quite as strong as it seemed. When asked about Spencer and Toby's relationship going forward, King had this to say in Variety:

I think the most telling thing about Spoby was how Caleb snapped at her at the end of the episode because he had such strong feelings toward Hanna’s disappearance, and that look that Toby gives is very telling. So that’s what I’ll say.

That definitely doesn't sound like Team Spaleb is going very strong — but perhaps the final hint that King gave fans comes from her own Twitter account, which seemingly announces her shipper status:

Let's get real: a Haleb reunion is inevitable. True love always finds a way, and Haleb is the truest love of them all.

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