Who's Dressed Like Ali In Charles' Dollhouse? 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Shouldn't Forget Sara Harvey

Fans learned a ton of information in the first few seconds of Pretty Little Liars Season 6. Charles has another prisoner, for one, and she's most likely someone we've heard about before. Does anyone else remember the name Sara Harvey? Though we've only caught a few glimpses of this mysterious blonde being kept prisoner in the dollhouse, all signs point to this other girl dressed like Alison being Sara Harvey, an essential stranger from another Pennsylvania town who went missing the same weekend that Rosewood was rocked with Ali's disappearance.

We first learned of Sara in the aptly titled Season 4 episode "Who's In The Box?" Viewers briefly met one of Sara's friends along with the Liars, who described her in a way that made her sound a lot like Ali. She was the queen bee of their group, brought their group together, and had a tendency to be cruel. So why haven't we heard about this seemingly important character since? Well, the Liars originally thought Sara could be the girl buried in Alison's grave, and once that body was identified as Bethany Young, they forgot all about the other missing girl. But that means Sara's body was never recovered.

Considering this mysterious prisoner's blonde hair and how many tallies she had drawn on the walls of her cell, it's very likely that she is Sara. Worst of all, that means she's probably been kept in the dollhouse since the weekend Alison went missing — so for over two years. The Liars did realize that Charles has been planning this for a very long time, and it seems this prisoner has been there for all of it.

The other big clue that Sara is the one being held, and not a surprisingly alive Bethany Young or anyone else? As an astutue PLL fan realized, the phone number for apparent A helper Varjack shown in Season 5 actually spells out the words Sara Harvey. The clues for Sara's importance have been there for us to find, and now it seems we've finally met her.

Image: ABC Family