Ava Is Eliminated On 'So You Think You Can Dance,' So There Won't Be A 'Dance Moms' Reunion

After her initial emotionally-charged audition, it seemed that Ava on So You Think You Can Dance would be making it through to the live shows of The Next Generation. Unfortunately, Ava was cut in the first round at the Academy when the 10 All-Stars had to each select five dancers to move forward. With 100 talented young dancers from ages 8 to 13 to choose from, there was a 50-50 chance of being eliminated and unfortunately, Ava was in the half of the group who was cut, which also means she won't be reuniting with her former Dance Moms costar Maddie Ziegler.

New So You Think You Can Dance judge Maddie appeared at the Academy, but only as an opportunity to get to meet some of the competitors — not to judge any of them. The dance series didn't show Maddie and Ava interacting on the first Academy episode on June 20, but the girls already know each other through dancing together with the Abby Lee Dance Company on Dance Moms . And now viewers won't get the opportunity to see Ava and Maddie together on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation since the 13-year-old Ava wasn't selected by any of the three contemporary All-Stars to be on their teams.

Contemporary All-Stars Kathryn, Robert, and Sasha had a great group of dancers to choose from. While Kathryn and Robert already had their teams of five filled out, the striking 5-foot-10 dancer's last chance to continue on So You Think You Can Dance came down to whether or not Sasha would choose her for her team since she had one spot left. Instead, the Season 8 runner-up chose Jordan, a beautiful dancer whose family has struggled in the past to pay for her dance classes.

While it was upsetting that Ava didn't get to move forward, it was heartwarming to see how excited Jordan was to be on Sasha's team since she was not only so deserving, but also could truly benefit from this opportunity to continue her dance career. For Ava fans, don't be too upset that her time on So You Think You Can Dance ended abruptly. At the age of 13, she has already been on two television shows for her dancing and her talent should continue to get her noticed for years to come.

Image: FOX