Jordan Rodgers' Response To Cheating Rumors On 'The Bachelorette' Made JoJo Feel Better

There are still plenty of men on The Bachelorette , but there are some clear frontrunners for JoJo’s affection. Among them (and I think the most popular one) is Jordan Rodgers, brother of NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and a former football player himself. But given the fact that Jordan was an athlete, JoJo wanted to check up on the fact that he was a decent boyfriend — JoJo admitted that she met up with Jordan’s ex, Brittany Farrar, to get the details on Jordan. Jordan’s response to the cheating rumors certainly made her feel better.

On a one-on-one date, JoJo brought it all to the table, asking Jordan if he cheated on Brittany during their relationship. She admitted that Brittany said Jordan wasn’t the best boyfriend, and she gave Jordan a chance to defend himself. As Jordan said in the beginning of the season, he and Brittany broke up because he made football the priority over his relationship. He wanted to be the best player he could, and he let his love fall to the wayside while he was figuring that all out. He said he never cheated on Brittany — he may have had some flirty conversations, but he never acted on anything. JoJo, to her credit, listened intently and seemed content with his answers.

JoJo said after that she didn’t want Jordan to say anything that would hurt her — she is definitely falling for Jordan, and she didn’t want anything to ruin that for her. I get that. I just hope that JoJo’s love isn’t too blind to ignore that Jordan could be lying or something. There are three sides to every story — Jordan’s, Brittany’s, and the truth, which is somewhere in the middle. Either way JoJo should be happy that she asked the tough questions. After all, she’s trying to spend the rest of her life with one of these guys. If she doesn’t ask them now, when can she?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC