JoJo Has A Pretty Stressful 'Bachelorette' Night

This season of The Bachelorette is still young, but the times I've said "poor JoJo" out loud to my television are many. A lot of those moments had to do with Chad Johnson, but now that he's off the show, there's another Chad who's stirring up the drama. On Monday night, JoJo's men discovered an article from InTouch where her ex, Chad Rookstool, claimed that they'd reunited after The Bachelor. And once JoJo found out, it wasn't pretty. But JoJo's response to Chad's article really did show that she is on the show for the "right reasons," because who could fake a reaction like that?

After the guys freaked out a little bit after reading the article, JoJo came home from her one-on-one date to face the article for herself. Once she read it, the producers told her she needed to address it, and she was immediately visibly upset. It wasn't long before she was crying, trying to explain herself to the cameras. According to JoJo, Chad was just trying to bring her down after she had tried to be a good friend to him in between filming Bachelor and Bachelorette. And honestly, wouldn't you be upset if you found out a friend you'd had for a long time betrayed you like that, too?

Needless to say, her tears only got worse when it came time for her to talk to the men about it, and it was hard not to feel at least a little bit of sympathy for her as she tried to explain the situation to the guys. She lets them know that her relationship with Chad was really bad for her, and that she doesn't want them to think it's true. So how does she prove she's telling the truth? She doesn't have to. Her emotions say it all.

Seriously, JoJo would have to be one amazing actress to pull off that kind of performance if she wasn't actually upset, and it does seem like she genuinely wants to be there, trying to figure out if any of these guys is the real love of her life. Fortunately, it seems like the guys took her seriously, too. I'm really hoping this is the last drama of its kind to hit JoJo this season. It's too heartbreaking to see her cry!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC