President Obama and Joe Biden Jog Around The White House For 'Let's Move'

Have you ever wondered who would win in a Presidential foot race? Well, now we have the answer (kinda, since I think this thing was rigged). Somehow, Michelle Obama convinced President Obama and Vice President Biden to run around the White House for "Let's Move," her campaign against childhood obesity.

The First Lady and "Let's Move" are having quite the week. On Tuesday, federal authorities reported that the obesity rate for young children has decreased over the past decade, and the campaign may have had something to do with it. The FLOTUS has been working tirelessly as of late to raise awareness for "Let's Move" by partnering with everyone from Sesame Street to Will Ferrell.

But anyway, back to the video. Watch the VP ask Obama if he's "ready to move." Watch Obama say "Let's do this thing! Let's move!" Watch the duo jog past paintings, the Secret Service, and the always adorable Sunny and Bo. But most of all, watch Obama show off his incredible flexibility. Seriously, that guy's leg stretch puts me to shame. I'm not sure if they told Biden to be extra lame, but the Pres kicks the VP's ass in both the jog and the post-race stretch. "Man, you're hard to keep up with," Biden tells Obama. The whole thing is set to incredibly cheesy music, but I don't even care because it's so cute. Also, there's a shoulder tap and a half-hug that I just cannot get over.

letsmove on YouTube

Oh, did you want to take a look at that stretch again?

Obama looks great, but we (like Leslie Knope) only have eyes for the VP.