Chad Reveals If He'd Be 'The Bachelor' While On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' & Fans Will Love His Answer

After he finally left the show on Monday night, Bachelorette star Chad stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the host asked him one very important question: Would Chad consider being the Bachelor? The short answer: Yes, he would consider it. "I am still single; I am still looking for love at this point," Chad said. "Being the Bachelor obviously would be amazing, to have a choice from a group of absolutely beautiful women."

Unfortunately for Chad, it doesn't really work like that where you just say you want it and it happens. As much as he may be down for that experience, the show would have to offer it first. And, in Chad's opinion, they won't. "I feel like, at this point, I was possibly portrayed as a little too crazy to be that person," he said on Kimmel. Noooo, really? I never got a hint of anything close to crazy! *Dies of sarcasm.*

Look, as dramatic as a season with Chad at the helm would be, I'm not sure I want that as a fan. I do think he's not exactly the way he was shown on the series. TV dramatizes everything, even reality shows. But, he was just threatening enough that I think we should maybe stick with a different Bachelor this time around. I'm rooting for Wells or Derek myself. Although, I do have to say, if it comes down to another home grown country boy like Luke, I'd take Chad over that any day. Give me drama or give me death when it comes to Bachelor Nation.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC