13 Questions About 'Frozen Northern Lights' That We Have Before It Comes To Disney Channel

I’m sure the one thing you’ve been thinking since 2013 is, “Wow, I just really wish Disney would push out more things on Frozen. It’s just such a neglected film.” Well, Disney’s specialty is making wishes come true: the gang is returning for a series of animated shorts called Frozen Northern Lights. Disney Channel and LEGO are teaming up to bring this four part story to life, and then the story is spanning over several other platforms, like a Random House book series and digital games. Because, unlike the famous song from the film, there is no way that fans of the movie are ever going to let it go.

Frozen Northern Lights has an interesting story, too. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are all going on a quest to restore the Northern Lights. The entire voice cast is coming back for this adventure, and that’s... pretty much all we got so far. We don’t even know how this Northern Lights crisis came about, so, really, all we have with this new announcement is more questions.

In fact, join me as I ponder some of the more puzzling aspects about the series. These are all the burning questions we have about Frozen Northern Lights already.

1. How Is This Spanning A Multimedia Of Art Forms?

Is this just a fancy way of saying they're going to re-tell the story on TV, in picture books, in video games, over... text message?

2. Do We Need To Watch This To Understand The Sequel?

Probably not. I mean, this is a franchise marketed to literal children.

3. What Exactly Happens To The Northern Lights?

Like, is there an evil villain that tampers with the fabric of nature?

4. Why Exactly Is Elsa Involved In Bringing It Back?

Last time I checked, Elsa had ice powers, not light powers. Unless the disappearance of the Northern Lights is... temperature based? I don't... I don't know, I don't know how to science.

5. Is This Going To Be A Four Night Event Or a Four Day Event?

I don't have cable, dude, so I need to plan out trips to my parents' place accordingly.

6. How Literal Do You Think "Little Rock" Is?

This is just one of Kristoff's tiny troll relatives, right?

7. How Long Can This Journey Possibly Be?

I can imagine the pseudo-Norway where the Frozen gang lives is a far cry from Alaska (I don't know how to geography either). Still, I'm concerned that it needs several installments of several different types of media to tell this story.

8. Am I Going To Have To Listen To My 3 Year Old Niece Talk About This For The Next Several Months?


9. Am I Going To Have To Listen To My 3 Year Old Niece Sing Some New Song From This For The Next Several Months?


10. Wait, So Are They Going To All Be Legos?

The first images seem to imply "uh-huh." So I guess the real question is whether or not we're all going to be buying a Frozen lego set this Christmas.

11. Why Is This Happening In The First Place?

Well, I mean, it gives you another sweet Frozen fix until the next feature length film, so there's that.

12. Where Is This In The Relation To The Sequel?

Is it a prequel? A midquel? A sequel to the sequel that hasn't come out yet? Help.

13. Also, Is This Hans' Fault?

I can't see how Hans can affect the Northern Lights from the Southern Isles, but I wouldn't put it past that tricksy jerk.

Let's be real. We're all going to be watching this alongside our 3-year-old nieces. After all, Frozen is a gift that keeps on giving.

Images: Disney; Giphy (13)