A.D. & Charlotte's Killer May Be The Same On 'PLL'

At any given moment in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, someone is looking for revenge. It doesn’t matter who or what or why, it’s just a thing that happens on Pretty Little Liars. At the beginning of the series, the revenge was all about Alison DiLaurentis. Now that the liars’ torturer was revealed as Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, we have to change our revenge goggles towards someone else, say, Charlotte? She was released from a mental hospital and just as quickly was found murdered. Who would want to kill Charlotte? The list is long, but did A.D. kill Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars ?

Right now, A.D. has Hanna, and he or she (let’s just say she) is posing it as this whole “eye for an eye” deal. A.D. thinks that the Liars or someone close to them killed Charlotte, and she is torturing them to avenge Charlotte’s death… but not really. I say that A.D. is just making it seem like the Liars killed Charlotte to spread around her revenge plot — in my opinion, A.D. totally killed Charlotte and threw her off of the clock tower, and she won’t rest until all of the Liars are paying for their supposed transgressions.

That leads me to another question — who the heck is A.D.? I can say that I’m fairly certain it’s not Mary Drake. When Hanna was kidnapped, Mary Drake and Elliott Rollins, her doctor co-conspirator, were visible and basically out in the woods. Hanna would have been with them if they had anything to do with A.D. It seems like that pair and A.D. are actually warring factions of evil, and the Liars are caught in the middle. I think A.D. is Sara Harvey and here's why.

Charlotte Was Inconvenient For Sara

Let us not forget that Sara wasn’t really kidnapped by Charlotte — that whole thing was a fakeout. Sara was really helping Charlotte with her plot against the Liars, and the fact that Charlotte got caught was a huge inconvenience to Sara. She had to testify that Charlotte ruined her life, etc., and I don't think any of that was true. I think Sara had fun with all the torture, but she eventually resented Charlotte and offed her.

The Liars Hurt Sara

The night of the big Charlotte reveal, Emily punched Sara in the face and Sara fell and burned her hands on electrical wires. She doesn’t have great use of her hands because of this, and she’s pissed at the Liars for disfiguring her.

Sara Has A Mean Streak

Remember how Sara was missing and her friends came to Rosewood looking for her? They basically said that Sara was a mean girl even worse than Ali. Sara ruled with an iron fist, and she’s not one to not have any power. Killing Charlotte gave her back the upper hand.

I'd bet all of the Carissimi Group's money that Sara Harvey is not only A.D., but Charlotte's killer. Let's just hope that she doesn't become Hanna's killer too.

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