Netflix Recommendations For 'Real Housewives' Fans

At this point there so many shows in the Real Housewives franchise that it's hard to run out of anything to watch, especially with the marathons full of repeat episodes that are on pretty much all the time. But weirdly enough, there are actually times during the day when you are unable to watch Real Housewives and need to settle for other shows. Until there is a television network that is solely devoted to the multiple Real Housewives series (which there actually could be at this point), there are other shows that fans can watch to fill the void. Here are some Netflix recommendations for Real Housewives fans to check out when they really need their fix of drama and gossip.

You might get so caught up watching some of these shows that you get distracted from watching Real Housewives episodes. Well, that will probably never happen, but it is definitely possible to get caught up marathoning one of these great Netflix shows... before you turn on the TV and change the channel to Bravo (as per usual).

If you are into any of the Real Housewives series, here are some other shows that you should definitely check out.

1. Army Wives

Another show with "wives" in the title? Sign me up. You can never go wrong with that. Aside from the title, the show is actually pretty great. As the title suggests, it is a series about women who share a common bond of being in relationships with members of the U.S. army. It has those same elements of competition, rivalry, and sisterhood as the Real Housewives franchise.

2. Real Husbands Of Hollywood

This show (and its title) exists because of Real Housewives, but it's from the male perspective. The scripted show is a parody of reality shows and includes actors like Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon spoofing their own personas.

3. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Yes, I know that this is another Bravo show, but it only just dropped its second season and it doesn't repeat as much as Real Housewives does. So, if you missed out on watching this one, you can watch the first season on Netflix. The scripted series follows the lives of group of forty-something women as they navigate being newly single.

4. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin will definitely satiate the interests of Real Housewives fans. The show is about a virgin who accidentally gets artificially inseminated with a stranger's baby. There are plenty of love triangles and even more twists and turns. It has the perfect amount of drama for fans of Housewives.

5. Lipstick Jungle

I wish this show was on the air longer. It was not a major hit, but the series adapted from a novel by Sex And The City writer Candace Bushnell is enjoyable to watch. The show is about three powerful women living and working in New York City, and we all know that Real Housewives viewers love watching powerful women in action.

6. Private Practice

Private Practice is a Grey's Anatomy spinoff with better weather, and characters and cases that are just as intriguing. It has a great balance of comedy, drama, and heart, just like Real Housewives.

7. Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is a show about a superficial aspiring model who dies in a car crash and comes back to life as a lawyer. Throughout the series she learns about the importance of inner beauty and not just looks. The ladies on Real Housewives are all about their designer wardrobes and anti-aging treatments, but they've also shown the viewers that there's more to a person than these materialistic aspects.

8. Chelsea Does

It's no secret that the Real Housewives fans have a penchant for the outrageous, and there's no one more out there than Chelsea Handler. The host is willing to take on just about anything in her Netflix series and it will definitely make you laugh out loud.

9. Something's Gotta Give

I know this isn't a show, but it really is such a good movie and one that I can see Real Housewives fanatics enjoying. Diane Keaton plays a very accomplished workaholic who is stuck in a personal rut and ends up falling for a womanizer played by Jack Nicholson. The Housewives are all about reworking their images, coming out of ruts, and finding themselves, so this movie definitely includes similar themes.

Since it's not always a possibility to watch Real Housewives 24/7, tuning into these shows on Netflix will be a great way to tide you over until the next new episode airs.