You've Got To See Bella As A Blonde

These sisters are equally fierce on and off of the runway, but before now, Gigi Hadid has always been known as the blonde sister. But, little sis may be giving her a run for her money with her latest hair transformation. Is Bella Hadid’s blonde and pink dye job real? Let’s investigate, shall we?

OK, so she didn’t simply copy her older sibling. No, typical to her style, she put an edgy twist on the look. Not only is her hair bleach blonde, but she also went and added pink to the tips for the perfect mermaid-inspired summer hairdo. She debuted her new hair on Instagram, but has since also posed with her hair back to her typical brunette shade. According to Refinery 29, this color was just a temporary thing for a photo shoot, but hey. If she’s looking to go blonde (and pink!) more permanently, it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Hadid’s aren’t known for switching up their looks longterm, but then again, why would they be when they’re natural styles work so well, you know? They are, however, willing to do what it takes when it comes to modeling. They’ve done everything from wear wigs to go blonde and pink, because sometime duty calls.

Aren't you just in love with this transformation?

Her hair hasn't always been as dark as it is, but she sure makes it work for her.

She's also known to temporarily switch up her 'do. This banged hair didn't stick around for long, either. But man, oh man was it good while it lasted!


There's no denying that she's a brunette bombshell.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Honestly, I'm convinced that there isn't a style she couldn't absolutely own, especially after this latest blonde escapade. Umm, can you say hair goals?!