Will Cody Be On 'Big Brother 18'?

If I'm being honest, I thought Cody Calafiore, the runner-up on Big Brother 16, was one of the series' least strategic players. I credit much of his success to his "Hitmen" alliance with the much more strategic (and eventual winner) Derrick Levasseur. But on Big Brother 18 , Paulie Calafiore will carry on the family's torch and have the chance to show off his own strategy. However, as rumors continue to persist that former houseguests will return to the house (since four mystery houseguests will join the season), the question remains: could Cody be on Big Brother 18 alongside his brother?

The simple answer is: it's a secret. Even if Cody was going to return for Big Brother 18, CBS would surely keep it under wraps to surprise viewers. However, according to Inquisitor, this season's cast had already been sequestered by June 13, and Cody has been active on Twitter since then. That could possibly suggest that he'll be sitting this season out and only supporting his brother from home, as a viewer. On the other hand, if the new houseguests aren't revealed until this week, it's possible that they could have yet to be sequestered, leaving the window open for a Calafiore reunion even in light of Cody's recent social media activity.

Regardless, since Cody Calafiore has been outside of the Big Brother house, he's certainly been living his life to the fullest. And while it's still too early to say with certainty whether he'll be joining his brother this year, these are some of the things Cody would certainly miss should the unexpected happen and he enters another summer of isolation.

His BB16 Bros

Regardless of how you feel about Frankie Grande (I certainly feel all kinds of icky no matter how much I love Ariana), it's clear that he and Cody struck a lifelong friendship on the show.

His Modeling Career

Though Cody would be on camera every second of his time on the show, you can bet he wouldn't be assembling any high-fashion spreads until after he's out of the house.

His Movie Premiere

Did you know Cody took advantage of these two years to shoot a movie? (One featuring the one and only Amber Rose?) I sure didn't, but apparently the movie is set to hit theaters in August, which is well before Cody would be let out of the house if he returned.

His Sister & His Pups

At least Cody would have his brother to keep his spirits up.

His Charitable Work

There's hardly time to do anything between challenges and strategies in the Big Brother house, but there's one thing for sure: any of Cody's admirable charity work would have to wait until after his stint on the show. (Of course, it would definitely benefit from that prize money.)

In the name of drama, I can't help but hope Cody does make a surprise appearance on Big Brother 18, even though it's extremely unlikely. But thanks to the secrecy surrounding the four remaining houseguests, I'm not counting him out until the entire cast is revealed.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; omgbbgifs/Tumblr