The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Premiere Date Could Be Revealed Soon

Get ready, Gilmore Girls fans. Either the social media gods behind the Gilmore Girls Twitter account are just messing with us all, or they are prepping us for some seriously exciting news about the Gilmore Girls revival. Just about a week after starting their very own official Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Gilmore Girls social media gods have sent their second missive out into the world wide web — and this time, it could be a telling one. Well, OK, it’s either that or they are just toying with all of our emotions as we wait anxiously for a premiere date to be announced. As an optimist, I am choosing to go with option number one, because this tweet could mean big things for the revival. In fact, due to this tweet, I have a real feeling that the Gilmore Girls revival premiere date will be announced soon.

Because, seriously, it wasn’t just any tweet that the Gilmore Girls sent out on Tuesday afternoon. Instead, it was a tweet that signaled the start of something — something that means a lot to fans of the show. That tweet? An homage to the music that so often can be heard playing in the background of scenes in the Gilmore Girls: “La, la, la, la, la,” with a music note emoji tacked on at the end. And even though some people might read that as a nice little dedication to the show’s music, it could also mean that some exciting news is on its way.

Of course, many fans on Twitter felt the same way, assuming that the tweet was the perfect way for the revival to say, “stay tuned, more information coming soon.” In response, fans tweeted messages of longing and pleas, begging the account to reveal more information about the revival and when it would air. And I feel their pain. Seeing those la la’s play out across my computer screen made me desperate for more information, especially about when the revival would be released.

Until the premiere date is released, however, fans of the show can take comfort in the fact that it is likely coming soon. (It has to be, right?) Also, they can take comfort in the fact that the la la’s in the Gilmore Girls revival aren't going anywhere now that singer and songwriter Sam Phillips, who composed the la la’s in the original series, is officially coming back for the revival.

So for now, Gilmore Girls fans, hang tight. Let’s all take this activity on social media as a good sign. Because every day that passes is one more day closer to the Gilmore Girls revival premiere date being announced... and that, my friends, is something to sing about.

Image: Netflix