The Biebs May Be Teasing New Music On Instagram

Aside from his very questionable hairdo choices I gotta say: Justin Bieber is really winning me over these days. I mean, c'mon. He makes fun of himself like a champ, is talented AF, and he gave us the cinematic masterpiece that is the "Sorry" music video. And if this doesn't prompt you to yell at someone to bring him a crown ASAP, he's in the middle of his worldwide Purpose tour, which includes contagious hits from his 2015 album of the same name. It's a wonder how Biebs is able to balance a world tour, taking drool-worthy shirtless selfies, and continuously making us all question who he's dating all at the same time. And now, it seems that despite having all that on his plate, the singer is out there cutting new music harder than his abs are cutting our souls.

Biebs has been known to post mysterious things to his Instagram, especially when it comes to music. Lately, he's been posting videos himself singing Taylor Swift songs and praising Ariana Grande for her "dope as f*ck" track "Be Alright." Clearly, there ain't no rest for the wicked and Bieber's hunt for fresh, new music will never die.

But Tuesday, things got extra peculiar on the 'gram when the Biebs posted three consecutive videos of instrumental tracks. With. No. Captions. You would, Bieber. You would.

Here's the first one, a chill, yet upbeat jam I could get down to while driving down the freeway right now.

And this one, a Beethoven-esque beat that brings out Bieber's classier side. Pinkies up.

Lastly, a track with "Buy U A Drank" vibes that gives me those snaps T-Pain (and our 8th-grade selves) would totes appreciate.

Thoughts, Beliebers? I'm here for it. I trust his taste, and not only because I still listen to "Sorry" once a day (twice if I'm feeling enthusiastic). But look at him hard at work out there in the studio. After watching these clips, I really can't help but wonder... is that the same pink lava lamp I had in my room in middle school? Will I actually be in the same vicinity as him one day in my lifetime? And, of course, is this new music?

We may never know the answers to any of the above questions, but I can't say that I'm not excited wondering.

Image: Giphy