He Needs A Getting-Your-Wife-Back Lesson

Robin Thicke does not know how to get a woman back. This isn't that surprising when you consider he and Paula Patton were high school sweethearts and were together over 20 years, so he's never had to do it, but still, use some common sense, man. Reportedly, Robin Thicke is sending Paula Patton massive flower arrangements and that is sooooo not how you stop someone from divorcing you.

As of now, Patton and Thicke are just separated, no divorce papers have been filed, but one can assume that would be the next step. It seems as though Patton is the one more responsible for the separation since Thicke has been clear (very, very clear) that he wants Patton back. On Thursday at a concert in Fairfax, Va, Thicke told fans, "For y’all that don’t know, me and my wife separated, but I’m trying to get my girl back. She’s a good woman," and then launched into a song called "Lost Without U."

Now, with this alleged flower sending, it's clear that he doesn't know what he's doing. This isn't a high school relationship that lasted for two months where apology flowers would be an appropriate gesture. Patton and Thicke were married for nine years and have a child together. Flowers mean absolutely nothing. Plus, these two are super rich. Ordering flowers, no matter how large and extravagant, have no effect on his bank account and who knows if he even ordered them himself. Money can't buy love, but it especially can't buy love when you have so much of it that your big gesture doesn't even seem big.

The concert announcement to fans was also not appropriate for an adult couple. It reminds me of that O.C. episode where Seth professes his love for Summer in front of everyone at that country fair or whatever it was. It's a grand gesture because they were seventeen. The only thing that works when you're an adult is talking things over in private. And if that doesn't work then maybe you were just a crappy husband and it's over.

If Patton and Thicke end up not being dunzo, believe me, it's not because of the flowers. This whole thing is starting to get a little publicity stunt-y, so they could either be in on it together or Thicke is doing all of this to stay in the news. If that's the case, he's doing a better job of that than he is getting Patton back.