13 Things To Do With Your Siblings To Reconnect This Summer

During the year, many of us fall out of touch with our siblings. Whether it's schools or cities that separate us, we tend to disappear into our social lives, save the holidays. But over the summer, it's more likely that you're all around, kicking it in the same house or neighborhood for a little while — but still with months of distance between you.

Rather than spin off into your own worlds again this summer, make an effort to bridge the gap and get close again. It only gets harder and harder to schedule in your family the older you get. Your lives will continue to get busier and less connected. So take the time to do a little planning with your siblings and get close again this summer.

The habits your form at this age can last you a lifetime, so it's good to have a system of reconnecting in place. It might be awkward at first, but the better you get at reconnecting over the summer, the closer you'll stay during the year. And because getting to know your siblings as an adult is a totally different relationship what can be hugely influential in your life and not something to take for granted. These are 13 things you can do with your siblings this summer to reconnect:

Go On A Hike

Get out in nature together. It's a great way to catch up without too much pressure to talk. You'll both be out of breath and paying attention to what you're doing which will make the conversation flow more naturally, if that's something you're worried about.

Cook A Meal Together

Pick a dish you used to enjoy when you were kids and cook it together. The nostalgia will help you reconnect and you might find your self starting a new tradition that you can easily stick with.

Visit A Childhood Spot

What did you do together when you were kids? Did you climb trees? Go fishing? Hang out at the mall? Go back to one of your favorite spots as adults. It will be a trip.

Go To A Concert

Check out your local listings and get tickets to a big concert this summer. Even if you're in the nosebleeds, you'll have a good laugh about the experience. Adding entertainment also helps remove the pressure to make conversation.

Go To An Amusement Park

It's very hard to have a boring day at an amusement park. Take a day trip and go buck wild. It will remind you of your childhood and add a fresh memory to your book.

Plan A Roadtrip

It doesn't have to be far. Maybe it's only an hour away. Just work together to make a plan and make sure you follow through this summer. The process of planing will help you reconnect and the road trip will solidify the connection.

Make A Fitness Goal

Sign up for a race together, take a hip hop class, make a promise to each other to go to a class together regularly for the summer.

Have A Full Beach Day

Pack some serious snacks and head to the beach. Play catch, swim, and catch up in the most low pressure environment there is.

Pick A Monthly Dinner Date

Try to make regular dinner dates part of your life. Try taking turns — each month you trade picking the restaurant to keep things fresh. Try to keep this tradition going through the year.

Fix Something Together

Something's got to be broken. A car? A bike? A computer? Find something that needs help and work on it together. Projects are always a good way to bond and re-solidify a connection.

Have A Joint Party

Part of the reason why you don't hang out that much is probably because you have different social groups. make an effort to bind things together and plan a joint party.

Read The Same Book

Try to find a book that appeals to both of you. Read it at the same time and have your own book club. If you've forgotten how to relate to each other or feel like you don't have that much to say, having this book as an ice breaker will really help.

Start A Game Night

When in doubt, play games. The game will take the focus off of your relationship and let the conversation flow more naturally.

Images: Giphy, The CW