Where To Buy The Septum Rings In The Kylie Lip Kit Ads To Complete Your Matte Lip Look — PHOTOS

As any beauty-obsessed human knows, body jewelry is a unique — and pretty badass way — to express yourself. Earlier on Tuesday, Kylie Jenner Instagrammed two advertisements for her lip kits that featured septum rings, and they look so cool.

For those of you who aren't familiar, a septum ring is a small hoop or chain in the center of your nose, right between your nostrils. You can get the cartilage pierced (which some tattoo artists describe as "feeling like a sneeze") or you can go the temporary route and get a clip-on version. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Jessica Biel have all rocked septum piercings — some real, some faux — and contributed to the growing trend. Unlike tattoos, septum piercings aren't permanent and don't leave behind much evidence or scarring if you decide to take them out.

Jenner's Instagram photos featured two decorative septum rings — one paired with Mary Jo K lipstick and the other with Posie K. When set against these deep shades, the contrast really makes the delicate jewelry pop. While it's not Jenner herself in the pictures, we can totally see the most beauty-experimental Kardashian trying out the look for herself.

The first ring is a gold, double layered hoop, paired with Mary Jo K:

And the second is silver and adorned with tiny pink jewels, paired with Posie K:

They're so cool, right?! Here are seven options to try out if you want to achieve this badass beauty look — some just are temporary, and some are for those of you who want to take the plunge and go for the piercing.

1. For Mixed Metals

Ornate Gold and Silver Septum Ring, $29, Etsy

This dangly, gold-and-silver combo ring is like a mini chandelier for your nostrils!

2. For A Bit Of Bling

16G Steel Gold Tone Clear CZ Septum Hoop, $9, Hot Topic

This glitzy gold hoop is sure to draw attention to whatever lipstick shade you choose to pair it with.

3. If You Like To Switch It Up

14 Gauge Captive Septum Ring 3 Pack, $10, Spencer's

This pack of three simple, gold rings gives you the option to change your piercing as often as you choose — just make sure it's healed, first!

4. For A Pop of Color

Kingsley Ryan Sterling Silver Imitation Opal Faux Septum Ring, $11, ASOS

This sterling silver ring from ASOS has a tiny opal stone in the middle, for a bright pop of color that will really stick out against any skin tone. No surgery required!

5. For The Jokester

Golden Classic Mustache Septum Clicker, $14, Amazon

Sure to make anyone (anyone with a sense of humor, at least) LOL, this septum ring doubles as worlds most adorable faux-mustache. Need I say more?

6. For A Little Jingle In Your Step

Bead Septum Ring, $5, Topshop

The turquoise beads on this delicate ring from Topshop offer a unique movement and texture to the otherwise simple hoop. This one is surrey-free, too!

7. If You Want To Pay Homage To King Kylie

Kylie Septum Ring, $4.99, Urban Outfitters

Aptly named the "Kylie" Septum Ring (though I'm pretty sure it actually has no relation to the Kylie, this piercing strings from your nose to your earlobe. Talk about making a major statement.

Images: KylieJenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands