11 Feminist Quotes From 'Real Housewives' Stars

by Emily Lackey

No matter how much of my life I devote to loving and watching The Real Housewives in all their various versions, even I have to admit that the franchise is far from feminist. With entire casts of women picking each other apart and criticizing each other's looks on the regular, these shows are a breeding ground for anti-feminist sentiment and behavior. However, there have been a few moments of grace. Hidden underneath the layers of fighting and friction between these supposed "friends" are a few feminist quotes from Real Housewives stars. These women aren't exactly spouting feminist theory, by any means, but each of them, in their various moments on screen, have had shreds of feminist wisdom that are definitely worth taking to heart.

Especially since each of these women are incredibly powerful in their own right. Say what you will about the way that they treat each other, or tear each other down for screen time, but most of the Real Housewives are actually incredibly powerful women. They are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and they are — for the most part — really powerful businesswomen. So, even though their one-liners don't exactly lend themselves to feminist sentiment, these women definitely know what it is to be powerful women in this world. Some of their quotes totally show it.

1. When Heather Was All About Choosing Your Destiny

Because you become what you put out to the world. Even though inadvertently calling Bethenny a b*tch may not have been the best way to get this message across, it definitely carries some serious weight.

2. When Brandi Was Totally Comfortable With Her Body

The world would be a better place if everyone felt the same way.

3. When Bethenny Turned An Insult Into A Compliment

Since when is knowing it all a bad thing? Bethenny turned being called a know-it-all on its head and embraced it like the feminist powerhouse that she is.

4. When Bethenny Stood Up For Herself In Her Relationships

It's not exactly the softest way to convey the message, but it does get her point across. Don't let people walk all over you. Ever.

5. When Kim Stayed Out Of The Fray

Bless this RHOA newcomer, who did her best to remain civilized and stay above the drama. We all could take a lesson from her.

6. When Vicki Pissed Off All The Housewives

It was poorly worded, and she was talking to the wrong crowd, but deep down there is a feminist message here about making sure you're financial stable on your own. Deeeeeep down.

7. When Kim Called Out The Ladies For Being Ridiculous

She was just saying what the rest of us were thinking the entire time, but you have to appreciate a woman who calls out the backstabbing. In that way, Kim encouraged supporting each other like grown-ass women do.

8. When Vicki Took Care Of Herself First

Vicki can definitely push my buttons, but the way that she is a self-made woman who puts her financial well-being ahead of anything else really is admirable.

9. When Vicki Ran For President

Or at least had enough self-confidence to think she could do it. And, with a thriving insurance business in Orange County, California, there are definitely worse candidates for the job.

10. When Vicki Made It Known That She Has It All Together

And don't you forget about it.

11. When Kenya Didn't Need Anyone To Help Her Out

As a perpetual single woman on RHOA, Kenya proves that she doesn't need anyone else but her own motivation and amazing work ethic to make it in this world.

You have to hand it to these women. Even though it's sometimes hard to find amidst all the fighting and trash talking, they are a powerful bunch. And the things that they have to say about being a woman in this world are sometimes right on point.

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