ColourPop's Ultra Metallic Lip Is So Affordable

It looks like Kylie Jenner isn't the only one that can make a great metallic lip. Surprising all their fans with yet another lip formula, ColourPop Cosmetics created an Ultra Metallic Lip. That's not the only exciting news about the launch either. The four lipsticks will be available super soon and they're super affordable. How affordable, you ask? You can get all four for under $25. Pinch yourself — I promise you're not dreaming.

If you haven't discovered ColourPop yet, then I highly suggest dropping everything you're doing and getting over there. It's an Instagram-famous, online-only brand with high-quality products at drugstore prices. Not having to leave your house and saving money? It doesn't get much better than that. They're also known for their never-ending color selections and wide variety of formulas. Their latest makeup venture is a surprise launch of four Ultra Metallic Lips, and, boy, are they gorgeous. Each of the hues — Zebra, Man Eater, Kween, and 3-Way — are all in the pink color family for now, but ColourPop said on their Snapchat that they're planning to expand soon.

The four sparkly hues are so gorgeous that you're going to want all of them. But guess what? You can actually afford to have them all! The lipsticks are only $6, which means you can buy all of them for less than a Kylie Lip Kit. That's pretty exciting news, if you ask me.

You could easily use these as a lip topper or paint your entire pout. Plus they're perfect for spring and summer, so you can sport a sparkly lip all year 'round. You'll want to set your alarm for this launch though. The metallic lipsticks launch on June 24 and will be limited quantity.

Although ColourPop announced that they would be restocking these beauties, there's no telling when the next batch will be ready. Basically, you should act now if you want to sport them in time for all your summer festivities.

ColourPop is constantly releasing new products as well. They just launched their Sculpting Stix and have created four new formulas — Matte X Lippie, Ultra Matte Lip, and Ultra Satin Lip — this year alone. Bottom line, you should go get familiar with all their amazing products before their launch, because this makeup company is one to watch.