Why Don't My Ticketmaster Vouchers Work? Here's What You Need To Know

So what exactly is the deal with these Ticketmaster vouchers? If you've been following the case, you've probably already logged into your Ticketmaster account and found vouchers awaiting you to redeem free concert tickets. You may have even tried to use them — and if you did, you, like many other individuals, may be wondering why your Ticketmaster vouchers aren't working. I'm here to help you.

For those less familiar with the case, it's worth looking into because chances are, you also have vouchers and discount codes waiting. If you bought a ticket on Ticketmaster's website between Oct. 21, 1999, and Feb. 27, 2013, go to your account and click on "Active Vouchers" in your profile. You'll see if you're one of the reported 50 million individuals being rewarded vouchers to Live Nation concerts thanks to a $386 million class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster, Curt Schlesinger et al. v. Ticketmaster, where several of Ticketmaster's fees were deemed unrelated to the services provided.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Well, there's a catch. And it's a big one. The Ticketmaster vouchers aren't actually working just yet, despite them appearing in your account and despite Ticketmaster's note on the site that "due to limited availability, we expect these settlement ticket codes to be redeemed quickly." So why can you see them but not use them? Ticketmaster has said the codes will not work until the concert list is finalized.

On June 21, Ticketmaster did however provide an anticipated, though unfinalized, list of eligible events. Some of the names, like The Proclaimers, Barenaked Ladies, Goo Goo Dolls, and Seal, get me excited because they take me right back to my '90s childhood. There are a few main stage acts as well (Gwen Stefani and Azealia Banks, for instance), though it's worth noting that seats redeemable by vouchers are limited, with eligible shows accommodating only up to 100 voucher holders.

So, take a look at the show list, and see what strikes your fancy. Even if it's not your favorite performer of all time, it's still a free show.

Image: Ticketmaster