Bridgette's Career Could Help Her Win 'BB18'

There's no one way to win Big Brother. Similarly, there is no one career path that helps players succeed at the game. Careers of Big Brother winners have included engineers, undercover police officers, and college professors. On Big Brother 18, houseguest Bridgette Dunning may have a job that actually helps her take home the $500,000 prize and earn the title of Big Brother victor. Bridgette, a traveling nurse will be going up against other houseguests with careers including dog trainers, gym managers, and DJ's — Oh my! But what exactly is a traveling nurse, and how will those skills help Bridgette find Big Brother success?

According to TravelNursing.org, "A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time." While this may seem odd, there is an incredibly practical reason for these short-term nursing assignments. "Because the demand for nurses is so high, there are often shortages in certain areas, and a travelling nursing will be hired to come in and work in a specific position for a short amount of time." But what about being a travelling nurse will help Bridgette in her quest for Big Brother dominance? One word: Adaptability.

In the above interview with Jeff Schroeder of BB11 and BB13, Bridgette said, "I'm really used to being thrown into situations and not knowing what's going on or not quite knowing everyone." Big Brother's well-known motto is "expect the unexpected," so this history of recognizing a new, and unique situation and being able to adapt to it will likely benefit Bridgette over the course of the season. Bridgette later pointed out in the interview, "As a traveling nurse, you get thrown into the floor and you have to pick up wherever that last person left off. You have to learn a new system. You need to be on your game all the time." This awareness of how to succeed in the Big Brother house could give Bridgette an edge over other contestants.

The rules are constantly changing on Big Brother. New twists lurk around every corner and being able to change alongside a shifting tide can make the difference between getting evicted or becoming Head of Household. Bridgette herself said in her interview with Jeff Schroder that she thinks she's "gonna be great at this" and with her traveling nurse experiences under her belt, it's difficult to disagree.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS