9 Reasons Why ‘Big Brother 18’ Will Be Way Better

by Emily Lackey

There’s only so much that we know about Big Brother Season 18. As CBS wraps up the final episodes of Season 17, we really only know two things for sure. First, there will be a Season 18, and, second, Julie Chen will return as the host of it. But, even without knowing any of the details of what the next season has in store, this season can tell us a lot about what next season will look like. After all, Season 17 was a critical one in the evolution of the show. Producers learned a thing or two from this cast of characters that will alter how the show moves forward. And, considering the fact that we can count on some great improvements next summer, there is one thing that we can be sure of: Season 18 is going to blow Season 17 out of the water.

I mean, think about it: How much better will next summer be if the show improves upon what it did not so well this summer? So much better. I hate to say it, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement after this season.

Just take a look at all of the things that will be way better about Season 18 of Big Brother. Every single one of these adds up to a season with better twists and a better than ever cast. In fact, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that, with these differences, BB18 is going to be the best season yet.

1. No Beard Bun

Honestly, it’s the thing I detested the most about this season.

2. No More Vanessa Screaming

I think we can all deal without seeing her bully people straight into eviction on a weekly basis.

3. No LizTin

As much as I am sucker for romance, the way these two flirt makes me cringe. I don’t know if it’s the way that it always seems so middle school awkward or what, but I definitely would be happier spending next summer not watching Austin and Liz fight about how to make flavorful chicken.

4. More Sex

I mean, Shelli and Clay didn't even kiss until the last night they were together. Even with the Liztin hookup heard ‘round the world, for a season that had two showmances and a whole lot of flirting, there was barely even any kissing going on in the house. Big Brother Season 18 might feature the raunchiest house guests yet. You never know.

5. No BB Takeover

Sorry, Takeover fans, but the production team — and Julie Chen — has talked openly about BB Takeover and why it was such a big failure this season (i.e. too distracting, too much going on, didn’t really effect the game, etc.). I think it’s pretty unlikely that this twist is going to make a comeback next season.

6. Less Chaotic

After learning from this season that the takeover really detracted from the game more than anything else, I’m anticipating a purer version of Big Brother in Season 18. Here’s hoping it actually happens.

7. No Twin Twist

Don’t get me wrong: I was a huge fan of the Twin Twist to begin with, but, considering that the last time they did one was in Season 5, I’m guessing it won’t happen again for a while. And as much as I loved it at first, it’s kind of annoying now that Liz is in the Final 3, and we know she has at least two nominations locked for her in the Jury House. The best part of Jury is not knowing how the jury members are going to vote.

8. All New Twists

I think Big Brother learned its lesson this season by recycling so many of its old twists. My guess is that next season will wipe the slates clean with a newer, more pure version of the game. And that means all new twists that will have the houseguests on their toes and viewers everywhere tuning in for more.

9. All New Houseguests

Who isn’t tired of seeing Vanessa cry every time she feels betrayed, or Steve be sickeningly sweet when he has to get blood on his hands? My favorite part of every new season is seeing the new houseguests walk in the door and getting to know a whole new cast of idiosyncrasies all over again. So, is it too soon to start counting down to next summer?

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Image: CBS (10)